Dear American Eagle Outfitters

On Saturday, for date night, The Boyfriend and I went ice skating in Santa Monica. They built an outdoor rink at 5th and Arizona, and I couldn't wait to hold hands and twirl around in circles with my gorgeous guy, completely in love and all romantic-like.
Unfortunately, my skills were far less Kristi Yamaguchi and much more Elmer Fudd. Nonetheless, I did my best. Here I am trying not to fall over:

Cute, huh? My evening was ruined (okay, that's a bit dramatic) when I saw this sign in the window of American Eagle Outfitters walking back to the car on the 3rd Street Promenade:

Can anyone tell me what's wrong here? I'll give you a hint...there are not one BUT TWO grammatical errors in this window decal. TWO. Count them T-W-O. Don't they have editors in their marketing department?
I'm not saying I'm perfect. Many a post of mine have gone out with a mistake or two, but I don't think it takes a college English major (like myself) to spot the mistakes here.

#1 The $ sign should go BEFORE the 24.95 not AFTER. When using a $ sign, it should read like this:




Please don't tell me they are just being cute. It's stupid and there's no excuse for it.

#2 The line below (which might be a tad bit difficult to read) says BY FLANNELS WE MEAN ALL OF EM'

Dear American Eagle Outfitters,
Perhaps you missed 4th grade English that day we learned about contractions. You see, a contraction is a shortened form of a word or phrase in which an apostrophe indicates the omitted letters or word.
So when you wrote, BY FLANNELS WE MEAN ALL OF EM' this is very, very wrong. The apostrophe should go before EM like this: 'EM. Get it? Because the letters you are omitting in a half-assed attempt to be cool are T and H which come before the E and the M. Otherwise, you could just be normal and say, "BY FLANNELS WE MEAN ALL OF THEM." See? What's wrong with that?
Only the part where I'd also argue you need a comma after BY FLANNELS. And an exclamation point after that wouldn't hurt either, you know, to show a little enthusiasm.
In a perfect world where our economy wasn't sinking faster than the Titanic, and you didn't just lay off your only editor, your sign would look like this:

ONLY $24.95

But I digress. What do I know just being a former English major who's now in the fashion industry? Go on, get 'em tiger! You can do it!!! GO AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS!!!



  1. Weeellllllll.......if it were any other store, I would try to use this excuse.
    In Canada, the $ comes after the monetary amount, as my friends would tell me, "because that's how you read it". They also put the day first instead of the month, i.e. 10/11/2009 <- today's date. They're screwy. :)

    But it's AMERICAN Eagle. I got nothin'. <- Like that? It's correct.


  2. Very good point, my dear friend! But alas, you are right. It's AMERICAN Eagle Outfitters.
    I just needed to vent.
    Anyone else know of grammatical errors in American English that are correct in other countries?
    Perhaps even contractions are different?
    Heck, maybe the editor for AE is from our friendly neighbor to the north!

  3. Even if he/she is from Canada, I still say it's wrong. :)
    When in Rome.......

  4. See, this is why you and I might have been separated at birth, aside from the fact that we look absolutely nothing alike. Is it bad that now I'm afraid that I'm going to screw up my grammar and punctuation in this comment?

    TJ's grocery bag says something about "recylcing" and it has been driving me crazy for about six months--not that it's stopped me from spending absurds amount of money there.


    Oh, and FYI, I put my website address up with my comments so you will know who I am, not because I am a traffic whore. Okay, I am traffic whore, but that's not why I put that up there.

    I just proofread this comment three times.

  5. No excuse for wrong grammar especially if you are in the promotions department. American Eagle caters to the young and by giving such wrong examples, the kids might think that it's also right. It's like texting in shortcuts, now kids tend to be poor in spelling and grammar.

  6. The $ actually goes after IF you are french. I don't know why... but this is how we were taught in french mathematics. That's where they put it in Quebec... ( I went to french school in Canada for many years) As soon as I switched to English school, everyone laughed at me for putting it in there. Although I don't know why someone woud have put it the $ AFTER in Santa Monica, CALIFORNIA... unless .. maybe, They were french ? lol

  7. Not sure where your first few commenters got their info, but I'm Canadian and I can assure you that we were never taught to put the $ after the number. And we write the date as month/day/year. Regardless, no wonder kids today can't spell. They go to stores like AE and see that sort of crap all over the place! Sad.

  8. Oh my goodness! The misplaced "$" is just so bad, especially since it's HUGE! I can't stand when such obvious mistakes are made! Who's getting paid the big bucks to miss something like that?

  9. I am Canadian too and I have no idea why the $ is after the number since that is a European thing. By the way, I also live in LA and work in Santa Monica...right by the ice rink! We should chat sometime!

  10. Krista said...
    Not sure where your first few commenters got their info, but I'm Canadian and I can assure you that we were never taught to put the $ after the number. And we write the date as month/day/year. Regardless, no wonder kids today can't spell. They go to stores like AE and see that sort of crap all over the place! Sad.

    I guess maybe you're from an area I've never been...my friends from PEI, Quebec, and Ontario all do it.

  11. HAHAHA I love you. I thought maybe they were trying to be cheap by using the same sticker on both sides of the glass... but no, that wouldn't work either and everything else would be backwards! I could use some flannel, though...

    You and your boy are so cute! I want to go ice skating.

  12. I just had to laugh when I saw it. Spotted the mistakes right away. And well...I think it's a very bad example especially because young kids are going to think, "if this store can make mistakes, I can, too". Kinda the I-Don't-Care thing going. And in Europe, at least right here in this country, the CHF is put in front of the number just like in the US and not after. Just FYI. But, I do have to agree that some put it after mainly because they don't care (either) and it's the way you read it! Go figure.
    It's not the first time though that American Eagle Outfitters made a mistake. And funny thing I saw those mistakes in Santa Monica, too. Coincidence?! haha!!


Thanks for your comments! Hope you stop by again soon! XO!