Uh Oh, Spaghetti-O's

Today is a very big day. For one, I have an allergist's appointment to do round two of my allergy testing, this time to find out what foods, if any, I'm allergic to. And also, today is the day before my longest run before the marathon that is in 16 days. Running Buddy Selena and I are running 22 miles tomorrow. And here's why this is important:
Yesterday I woke up with a tickle in my lungs. It felt as if teeny tiny fairies with miniature feather dusters in hand were tickling the insides of my lungs and I was sort of short-of-breath. But that was it. I carried on working as usual, but by about 3 or 4PM the fairies with feather dusters had moved to my throat. Now I'm not sure if you remember this, but I've had my tonsils out twice, as I am extremely prone to Strep throat. (Oh, and they grew back after having them out the first time.)
I couldn't sleep last night at all, I just tossed and turned, until right now when I just got up to Google "coughing up yellow mucus." Sorry for the graphic description, but I need to know:
Not only am I counting on myself, but Running Buddy Selena is counting on me too. I'm one tough cookie. I can do it! My mind is ready, my clothes are laid out, I have all of my GU ready to go!
I need to shake this stupid coughing up stuff/sore throat thing! LIKE NOW!
So, do you have any advice? I really need help here! Two factors I have on my side are, 1.) My Dad's a doctor, so I could just call him, and 2.) I'm already going to the doctor today so I can have them check me out to make sure I'm not dying.
I'm scared friends. This run is really important! What do you do when you're sick, if you can't be sick? Have you ever run when you had a cold or a cough? What sorts of things do you do when you're sick to make yourself feel better?
I'll let you know later how the allergy test went...I couldn't be more curious. Other than that, my plan is to get better today. Better enough that 22 miles is a realistic goal for 5AM tomorrow morning.


  1. Be sure to get lots and lots of sleep and get plenty of clear fluids in you. Good luck. I'd personally delay the run a day or two if I could and rest up. If you push yourself too hard, you'll just be going backwards. Feel better soon!

  2. Nix tomorrow's run, REST and attempt on Sunday.

    Good luck at the docs and def have him check you out while you're there.

    If you end up being too sick to pull off the run DO NOT stress. Attempt it again next week. It's more important to be healthy than to push your body and run yourself ragged. You could injure yourself or end up getting sicker.

    Please take care of yourself!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

  3. Oh NO! I hope you feel better! I really don't have any tips on helping. =( I'm sorry! I will just send some healthy JU JU your way =)

  4. Wait, your tonsils GREW BACK? That sucks. My tonsils always cause me issues as well...knock on wood I don't want to get sick now.

    My advice is to not go for your run, since this is respiratory related. You can make it a lot worse, and end up with bronchitis or pneumonia. Which means you'll be out of commission for even longer. Trust me, i've been through it before, but with cycling. What started out as a head cold turned into a full blown, 6 week lingering illness and it sucked. Your immune system will be even weaker after running 22 miles, and it's probably working in overdrive right now trying to get rid of whatever you have.

    Just rest, drink lots of liquids, and take it easy for now until you're 100% better.

  5. Morgan told me to stop in an give you a HIGH FIVE for your sicky LONG run...GOOD LUCK!! The last few times I have been sick I have eaten PHO soup...and something magical happens. May not work but cant hurt..

    Good luck!! YOu know if I run when I am sick I always feel better after.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear you're sick. Personally, I'd see if you could push the run out to Sunday...oh wait, not much recovery time there.

    Why not do the run next Saturday? A 2 week rest period is tough. I know when I trained for my marathon, I wish I didn't take 10 days off prior.

  7. ugh, poor thing! something is definitely going around -- it must be the change in seasons. Get some rest and stay warm my darling :)

  8. So I'm hoping your little thing goes away like mine did earlier this week. Bring tissues on the run. Like a lot. Water. Nuun.

    But I'm probably gonna have to go with what everyone else is saying, don't go :(
    So sorry, this would KILL me if I was in the same situation, but honestly, you're really gonna be p.o'd if you can't make the marathon because of a lingering sickness

  9. oh no! hope you feel better soon! xoxo

  10. I hope you are all better by now!

  11. So... are you feeling better? Did you end up running your 22 miler???

  12. Love your blog! Hope you feel better!
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