Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween, lovelies! How is your Halloween weekend so far? I hope it's been filled with fun and games and hopefully, some sweets. Thank you all so much for your comments on my post yesterday, I literally had so much anxiety after posting it that I kind of went nuts for a few hours. Something like that is just so personal, so graphic, so raw. I wrote 90% of that post over a month ago. I've been working on it for so long, that I literally could have posted it at any time, but it just sat there in my list of posts lingering, daunting and nudging me to post it. So that's what I did. Thank you for being so open with your own struggles and so sweet about mine.
I never meant for this blog to be a bitch-fest of my problems. You see, I really don't have any! I just live my life and try to do so to the fullest. And I am so grateful for every day. But I want you to know me, even if it means posting a picture of myself where I look 9 months pregnant.
On to happier and much more colorful things...I took these pictures in San Francisco a few weeks ago when Running Buddy Selena and I were there for the marathon. I love all the colors and just wanted every single thing. Hope you enjoy my amateur photography and have yourselves a lovely rest of your weekend!

P.S. One of my favorite runners, Skinny Runner, is having a contest on her blog to win a 12 pack of Starbucks Via instant coffee. You must answer the following question with a six-word answer, "Why do you run?"


  1. Confess i didnt read the other post...but i love these pics, love the colors, just gorgeous! I finally posted the award today that you gave me...thanks again Erin!

  2. Love the beads...love the colors of the images. Great shots here.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Ohhh love the pictures of the beads. Very cool.

  4. Happy Halloween, pretty lady!
    I'm about to wear my third, yes third, costume.
    Last night at work, I went as a tree...this morning for the Great Pumpkin Chase 5K I went as a cat (and took 2 minutes off my time!)...and tonight for Cody's gig I'm going as a Grecian Goddess!

    I hope you're doing something fun and wonderful and full of sugar and scariness. Love you!

  5. hey girlie thanks for the shoutout!! happy halloweener!

  6. Amateur my butt! Those are awesome! You've got an eye my darlin'. I do photog on the side (hobby) and you really picked out some great angles and colors ... Frame them, in fact, I WANT ONE! :)


Thanks for your comments! Hope you stop by again soon! XO!