THAT Kind Of Day...

I'm so sick of hearing myself complaining, but this one's a good tale, and so I shall tell.
I had it all together this morning, until about 6:45am, the time I was supposed to leave for work. I had managed, at this point in the day, to get up, shower (!), get dressed, and get out the door. I walked over to my car, and even thought, "I'm going to get there early!" That was, until, my car wouldn't start.
It's not like I drive a beater either. Yes, my car is 4 1/2 years old, but that's not exactly breaking down age. I bought my car new, and have changed the oil every so often, what else could I have done? I even washed the car last week, surely that must extend its life somehow!
That's when I saw the gas light. Now this happened to me once before, when I lived two blocks down the street and had only street parking, often I would run out of gas just looking for a place to park. So I did what any fully-capable girl would do, I walked to the gas station to buy a gas can and a gallon of gas to fill er' up.
Lugging the gallon of gas home, I got woozy and nearly passed out. I finally mustered up the energy to fill up the car, and put down the gas tank to turn on the car. And it wouldn't start.
So then I did what any level-headed girl who just spent 4 days bed ridden with the flu would do, I cried and called my boss, who heard me coughing and crying and told me to stay home.
Which is what I did. It was way too ambitious to think that after having the flu I was ready to go back. I'm so lucky my work is understanding. And they are so lucky that I have not been there to infect them with what ever kind of flu this is for the last two days.
The Boyfriend (have I told you how great he is? I could go on all day...) called AAA for me, and they came out to investigate.
Turns out I needed a new battery. Not a jump, for I didn't leave a light on in the car or anything, but just a new battery in general. Turns out those things die every three or four years or so. Who knew? So $137 later, my car works. And I'll be at work tomorrow.
So I spent the day in bed, where I've now been for 5 days. Did I tell you that both Running Buddy Selena and Carpool Buddy Rick both have this flu too? Boy, oh boy, is it contagious! So stay away friends. I know you're just reading this, but considering I wrote it, you better go wash your hands.


  1. What a day :( But I hope the extra day of rest made you feel better!

  2. Poor thing!!! I hope you feel better and tomorrow is better!

    I'm in bed sick tooo boooooo!

  3. Oh, lovie, sorry about your poo-poo day. At least you got to stay home! Tomorrow WILL be better :-)

  4. Oh, love. What a crazy day! I'm glad the car is fixed, I'm glad you're feeling better, and I'm glad The Boyfriend is so amazing! I hope tomorrow you wake up and everything is PERFECT!

  5. Poor thing. I am so sorry and hope you are all back to norm by morning!

  6. Oh bad day! I'm so sorry ... hopefully this will all be over soon :)

  7. That's a good thing... stay in bed and rest more. You're not yet well, you may have a relapse which is not good.

  8. Thanks so much for becoming a follower of my blog. I also feel like my son is quite the little miracle. we are so lucky everything worked out as well as it did. God was definitely watching over us. It has been quite the journey but it was all worth it for sure.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  9. Ah, there are so many sick people right now that I'm almost afraid I will catch something through the computer. I hope you're feeling better soon! Thank goodness for AAA!

  10. ah bless you! nature's way of telling you to rest more! hope you're feeling better now xoxo

  11. Yes I have definitely fed myself LOL I had eaten oatmeal, an apple w/ laughing cow AND my quesadilla I brought for lunch before 10am!


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