Shaking My Booty

A few weeks ago, the very nice postman brought me a treasure chest, filled with some nice hot booty. Pirate's Booty, that is!
Over the next few weeks, I tried all of the flavors, some of which I had never seen before, so I was super excited to have them all at my disposal for sampling!

I started with Sea Salt and Vinegar, which to be honest, was not for me. I think the corn and rice puffs have a naturally sweet flavor, so when combined with the vinegar, it just left me with a weird taste in my mouth. I moved on...

The Barbecue booty was delish. It reminded me of barbecue potato chips, and left yummy barbecue powder all over my fingers. I'd definitely recommend this flavor. It would be great with a nice big sandwich for lunch.

Next I moved on to Bermuda Onion. Not something I would have tried on my own, that's for sure. But it was sweet, tangy and highly addictive. And best of all, it didn't leave me with onion breath!

I was surprised by the Smart Puffs! Not only are they the best substitution for a puffed Cheeto I can think of, they keep the health benefits of Pirate's Booty in tact. How do they do it? These are cheesy, puffy, crispy and heavenly. Like little puffs of cheesy air. Yum. (Don't you just love my panda shirt, too? It was a present from my friend Erica. Love it!)

See the puffy, cheesy detail?

Completely in awe of the Smart Puffs, I next grabbed the Original Tings. These are crunchy corn sticks, but I'm convinced these are the answer to crunchy Cheetos!

My only discontent is that there were two servings per container, unlike all of the other flavors where you can have the whole bag. Never one to follow the rules, I ate the entire thing, with some of my Potato Leek soup. It was Marathon week, after all. I was carbo-loading!

The classic standby, Aged White Cheddar, used to be my go-to snack for lunches. I'd just throw it in my purse and head out. It's the one the others knock off. But nothing beats the original. Light and fluffy, crispy and cheesy. If you haven't yet tried Pirate's Booty, this is a great jumping off point.

Lastly, I tried the Veggie Puffs. All of the Pirate's Booty products are trans fat and gluten free, but the Veggie Booty is the only one that's vegan. I loved how every piece was coated in the veggie goodness.

It somehow tasted "cheesy" to me anyways, and I'd definitely buy this again. All in all, I'd say for less than 140 calories per serving, Pirate's Booty is a great snack.


  1. great review! i have seen them, but i try not to buy things like that as they'll just get eaten :) i used to love cheetos though, so i might have to try the twings!

  2. girl do not leave me alone with an open bag of pirates booty -- I am addicted!

  3. my daughter loves pirates booty like it's goin' outta style :)

  4. Thanks for the review! Lucky for me, someone just bought a whole bunch of Pirates Booty for the house!

  5. Interesting... a good substitute to regular junk food. I will definitely give this a try.

  6. thanks for the review! i've seen this booty all over the place and i need to finally try it :)

  7. I so should not have read this post in the late afternoon when I'm starving and wishing I could just go home. These all look so yummy, I'll have to try some!

  8. Pirate's Booty is amazing. I wipe out Trader Joes when I'm there.


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