Marathon Week! What I'm Wearing...

Marathon Week is upon us, my loves! With the Nike Women's Marathon only one week from tomorrow, I officially have only seven days to prepare myself mentally for the 26.2 miles that awaits.
This morning, still recovering from what I am thoroughly convinced was the swine flu, Running Buddy Selena and I headed out to run some marathon-related errands together. We made a pit stop at Lucy, so I could pick up the top I've been wanting that I'm going to wear in San Francisco during the race. Then we stopped at R.E.I. to pick up our marathon-snacks. (I'll go over what we will be snacking on later this week.)
We also stopped at Johnny Rockets for a sandwich and to refuel, not the healthiest choice, but hey, it's Marathon Week! I don't think a few French fries ever killed anyone. Moderation, people.While The Boyfriend is watching some baseball game with his buddies, I'm going to tell you all about what I'm wearing come next Sunday. Because It's MARATHON WEEK!

First, the new top from Lucy:It's completely seamless, which I love. And it has thumb holes, which I love maybe even a little more. And it's super-duper soft and cozy, plus, I still had two gift certificates left over from my last birthday in May, so it only cost me $16! Lucy Gazelle Seamless Half Zip, available here.

The pants:My favorite pants, again from Lucy. These are the pants. As in, don't know what I did before these pants came into my life. I own three pairs, two long pairs and one capri-length pair. And they run big, so I wear a size small, which I love. Call me what you want, I want to be a small. Lucy Power Pants, available here.

The sports bra:A favorite from Target, these little suckers are so darn comfortable! I have at least three of these too, when you run everyday you must have a rotating selection. Champion Seamless Sports Bra, available here.

The socks:Balega, the most comfortable socks known to woman, I can't go to the running store with out picking up a new pair, I just love how squishy and cozy and delicious they are. My feet are very happy in these socks. Balega Enduro Seamless Socks, available here.

The shoes:
My new pair of Mizuno Wave Nirvana 5's. The best shoe for my foot. Available here from Zappos.

The Headband:As any girl who's ever had bangs knows, a love hate relationship is eventually going to form. I go back and forth between thinking, "Oh my gosh, I was so cute with bangs!" To, "I'm so glad I don't have those stupid in-my-face suckers anymore." Today, I'm thinking post-marathon I might do a little snip-snip again, much to The Boyfriend's chagrin, I think they are cute. Ask me tomorrow, I'll probably feel differently. Hey, Britney said it best, It's My Perogative. BACK TO THE HEADBAND! Lululemon makes quite possibly, the cutest workout clothes next to Lucy. They are, however, like twice the price. Being a fashion designer, I know how much stuff costs to make. Like I know that $84 for the Lucy Gazelle Seamless Half Zip is totally worth it, because I know that the seamless knitting machines that make that top are not only expensive, but the quality and technique involved are time-consuming and painstaking. I think most of Lululemon is over-priced, but that doesn't mean I don't want every single thing in there, that and if I weighed maybe like 15 lbs. less than I do now, I know it would all be totally cute. I know Lululemon goes up to size 12, but unless you are maybe a 2 or 4 most of the styles probably aren't that flattering on you. No one but a 2 or 4 belongs in those booty-shorts with a 1/2" inseam, I'm sorry, you just don't. Not unless you are wearing them in your own home. I am included in the group that cannot wear said shorts. Don't send hate mail. BACK TO THE HEADBAND! This is a Slipless Headband, and has a little rubber strip to prevent slipping on slippery hair such as mine. I love it. And it's only $12, so it won't break even my bank. And it comes in a million colors at the store (yet is curiously only in white on-line. Hmm.) Lululemon Slipless Headband, available here.

I'll also be wearing my R.E.I. Double Shot Waist Pack:This thing allows me to carry everything but the kitchen sink with us on our runs, and it will be coming to San Francisco too. I love this thing. I bought it at the start of this whole crazy running thing and it still works great. I know I could get by with less stuff, and doing so would probably shave, oh I don't know, two minutes off per mile? But what the heck, I'm like a mom at heart and when I can't have my big 'ole mom purse with me, this is the best I can do. Running Buddy Selena and I joked this morning I might as well just carry a full-size backpack. I'm sure I could find enough stuff to put in it. R.E.I. Double Shot Waist Pack, available here.

That's it for now! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
P.S. One of my favorite ladies, LilVeggiePatch is having a Chobani Yogurt giveaway on her blog! Check it out!


  1. I am so excited for your race, Erin!!! I can't believe it's so close. I LOVE all of your running gear... That Lucy jacket is so, so cute. I'm a sucker for things like thumb-holes.

    I have bangs... love-hate relationship is right! My headbands are the cheapie ones from the drugstore, and even the "sport" ones from Goody do not stay put. One flew off while I was running last week. Must get Lululemon.

  2. I love this runner's fashion list... did you know that I was inspired to start running because of your blog? I'm looking at the Big Sur Marathon on October 24. I hope I can join.

  3. I love Balega socks and the Champion bras from Target (and all the different colors they come in). So comfy! I've never tried anything from Lucy's. I'm looking for a capri length pair, and so far i'm happy with my Lululemon pants, but i'm willing to give other brands a try as well.

  4. cute workout clothes and clothes in general!!!

    hope you're feeling better :)

    Im giving away treats too (homemade) in case you're interested.

  5. Love love LOVE the race day outfit. The top looks SO comfy! I want one... however, in looking at the prices (as I am totally for spending money on quality) I will be stick w/ Target for my work out clothes! LOL
    I love the headband tho. I am already having a love/hate relationship w/ my "bangs". They aren't even that short and I was strugging this morning while shredding!
    Good luck on the 26.2! You rock and are going to do an awesome job!

  6. Oooh I love Johnny Rockets! hahaha greasy food.
    And I also love lululemon, they have such nice athletics there.

  7. Omg those sports bra's from Target are ahhhhmazing!! I love your marathon day look! I'm contemplating getting my bangs back too, such a love hate relationship. And I need those Lucy pants. I want to be a small too damn it!
    I am so passing this along to my bestie who is doing the same marathon (i know, i know, I've mentioned it already haha) she'll love it!

  8. Love the outfit and couldn't agree more with you on headbands.

    The sleeves with the hole for your thumb are also the best creation EVER!

    Kick butt.

  9. good luck with our run..i'm so impressed! looking forward to hearing about it.

  10. I love that top from Lucy, I tried it on in yellow ... it was a little bright though for my taste at the time, but now I wish I had it! I have heard so much stuff about lululemon, now I have to go check it out and pout about how my size 8 ass won't fit into anything in there :(
    Don't forget, get some gloves, those cheap magic stretch kind from the drugstore or target are like 2 dollars. It's gonna be fur-eezing in SF next weekend, and it's very hard to concentrate on anything (including running) when your hands feel like they need a lube/oil and maybe a hairdryer ... you can toss them on the sidelines if they don't fit in that giant pack you'll be wearing lol! Oh and I'm so excited about what I'll be getting in the mail from you! Thank you so much!

  11. I'm so psyched for you! I can't wait to hear all about it. I lovelovelove that seamless top...I have a Nike top with thumb holes that my sis-in-law bought me & it happens to be my favorite. Mostly because of the thumb holes. I also would like to mention that I ran today with a new Champion sports bra that I just bought; it had adjustable straps and was on sale at Target so I had to try it. I have a bunch of their regular ones but couldn't resist buying one more because they're so comfortable. However, I wasn't even a mile past the starting line when it SNAPPED!!! I ran the whole run with a snapped bra. Luckily my tatas aren't really big enough that it matters. I still managed to come in 4th in my age group! ;)

    Anyway, that's my rant. I love you and I will be sending good thoughts your way!

  12. Thank you so much... you are so sweet. LOL I need help in the make up dept... I am not creative and have always pretty much done the bare minimum so the fact that I am trying something new is big for me!
    I posted a pic of my hair here...
    But I am still working on playing w/ it. I love that I can pull it back and have some pieces hang but they aren't too long now. =)

  13. These athletic wears looks so impressive and i am really impressed by this sense of athletic clothing.



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