100 Posts And A Dress Rehearsal

Living and Loving in L.A. has officially reached 100 posts! I can't believe it. I feel so, so...grown up! I'm not a baby blogger anymore!

Some of my favorite posts to date you may have missed include:

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This morning, I woke up early for a dress rehearsal run to make sure my new Lucy top would be right for the 60 degree weather on Sunday in San Francisco. Conveniently, it is also 60 degrees here today, so I thought, "Perfect!" And I donned my marathon running apparel and headed out for my first run in over two weeks (yikes).
I wanted to do everything the same as the marathon, from how I'm going to wear my hair (in braided pigtails):

To the outfit (as described the other day):

And it was perfect. I'm running out the door now to go to work. Can you believe this is 100? I still can't. Hope you are all having a fabulous week!

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  1. I don't think you're supposed to look that cute to run a marathon! Not fair, but good luck!

  2. You look ridiculously adorable! Let me know how the braids work...I'm in need of something that doesn't fall out when I run but also holds back the bangs. Happy 100, dahling!

  3. Congrats on the 100th... more to come!

    You are so cute with that braided hair.

  4. Love the outfit, it looks SUPER cute!!

  5. Your blog is really cool! Great hair!

  6. Congrats on your 100th post!
    I LOVE your race day outfit. It looks super cute and I think you will be comfy!!!! GOOD LUCK!

  7. Your hair looks awesome...I was never able to french braid my hair. Major props to anyone who can...you shoulda gone to hair school and charge people $250 for up-do's...seriously great hair action! Congrats on #100!

  8. Love the hair, the outfit, but HOW WAS THE RUN?????

    I hope no hiccups.....

  9. ahhh I see what your trying to do -- look cute and distract the other runners ;) clever, verrrry clever ;) you look adorable girl! Best of luck to you!!

  10. You look so cute, and your outfit looks great! I like the pigtails. I wish I looked that good in the morning!

  11. cute outfit! you must be a clothing designer or something.... hehe.
    yep, im running the nike/tiffanys womens marathon in san fran next weekend but only the half. i think we're heading up friday, so excited, cant wait!

  12. Aw you're beautiful! Love the outfit you picked!

  13. How cute! Maybe I should head over and cheer you on!


Thanks for your comments! Hope you stop by again soon! XO!