Who's Afraid Of The Doctor?

Not me! That's why I scheduled a little allergy test this morning, to see what, if anything, I'm allergic to these days. Well let me just tell you, I'm pretty much allergic to everything.
As you can see from these lovely little disgusting photos, my back exploded in welts almost immediately upon being pricked with the allergens. I was tested for 54 environmental allergens (animals, mold, grasses, dust, trees and pollens) and I was allergic to 50 of them. 50/54? Seriously?
I went in to get tested for food allergies. I have been working on a certain post for this very blog for some time now, as I'd really like you all to know me and who I am, and a big part of that is dealing with chronic I.B.S. I won't get into too much detail here, as the post will be done soon, but basically I've been suffering with pain and bloating in my stomach for the last 8 years. My last allergy test was over 5 years ago, right before I moved to L.A., so I thought it was time to get it all checked out again, just in case food allergies are contributing to my stomach issues. I will have to wait for two more weeks to go back in and get tested for those food allergies, however, as upon examining me, the doctor, named Dr. Eitches (Right? I know! Dr. Eitches! Like ITCHES! AND HE'S AN ALLERGIST! HAHAHAHA!!!) wanted me to get tested for environmental allergies first. I was okay with that, I mean, who doesn't love going to the doctor?
Have you been tested for allergies? I'll tell you a little bit about how it works. You go in, describe your symptoms, get your nose, ears, eyes and throat examined, and then you lie on a table face down wearing a hospital gown with the opening in the back, and the nurse pricks your back with anywhere between 50-80 allergens. Then you wait for 15 minutes. 15 EXCRUCIATING minutes, where your back is developing welts or hives that ITCH LIKE CRAZY and there's nothing you can do about it but lie there and think about what you're going to blog about next.Then, the doctor comes back in, freaks out at how allergic to everything you are, and tells you that you are both allergic to the inside, the outside, and almost all animals (except for rabbits). And for the next 6-7 months, you will require a weekly shot. Have I told you how much I hate shots? Free ones, yesterday, at work for the flu, not me! I HATE SHOTS! And I LOVE FREE STUFF!
So just a warning, please don't buy me a pet hamster this Christmas. You would not be doing me any favors.
I'm off to buy myself some new running shoes. I need to make myself feel better.


  1. Retail therapy cures all and so does a few episodes of Golden Girls...

    That looks like so much fun... PLUS CRAP! You poor thing!!! :(

    I hope your weekend gets better! Good luck on your long run tomorrow!!!

  2. ouch! that is terrible! I hate shots too :(
    I also suffer from those stomach issues. Not fun at all, I feel your pain.

  3. I'm in the valley (woodland hills). It's not too bad so far. I miss home, wish I was in Hollywood though, haha. But I'm used to commuting and hoping to work down there.
    But I hope we can get together sometime and you feel better soon!

  4. You really ARE allergic to everything! I'm so sorry, sugar! Can I make you some gluten/wheat/egg/dairy free cookies to make you feel better??

  5. Holy moly! That sucks! I (THANK GOD) am not allergic to anything... that I know of! Whew! Good luck w/ the testing and hopefully you can find the culprit!

  6. WAIT! I forgot to tell you guys the FUNNIEST thing! Guess one of the four things I'm NOT allergic to? Cockroaches. Isn't that the most ironic thing you've ever heard in your entire LIFE?

  7. 50/54... that's quite a number. I was supposed to get my allergy test a couple of years ago but I'm just too scared. I also have that bloating tummy thing. I wonder if it's connected with the allergies.

  8. awww you poor thing!! i hope you are feeling better

  9. Yikes, that looks terrible! Do the welts go away fast or do they linger around for a bit? I hope the doctor gave you some claritin afterwards?

  10. This is what my neck and face look like every time I get my hair dyed. Yuck!


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