What Do YOU Have To Lose?

With the return of one of my favorite shows tonight, The Biggest Loser, I got to thinking about health and happiness and really what it takes to be in the contestant's shoes. All too often I find myself complaining over losing the last 10 lbs., as if it's the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest without either a Sherpa or a yak.
Meanwhile, the new contestants collectively have literally thousands of pounds to lose. It makes for an interesting perspective, and makes me want to whip my little butt in shape. I know I run (a lot) and yes, that does help. But last Saturday, the same day as my 18-miler with Running Buddy Selena, I literally consumed almost 3,000 calories. In. One. Day.
As hard as this is to believe, I can tell you that eating 4 meals, a snack or two, and then going out for cocktails (I had four, don't tell anyone) and appetizers for The Boyfriend's sister's birthday, essentially eliminated my caloric deficit. Of course, I DID burn 2,815 calories on the run, according to my Pink Polar Heart Rate Monitor. So I guess the day was a wash.
If you haven't seen this show before, I highly recommend you do so tonight. I can barely get through an episode with out a box of Kleenex. I really feel for those people. And it seems like the show just keeps getting better. Watch this preview if you need motivation:

And to jump start the season, I might even do Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD tonight. I swear, if you only have 20 minutes, this is one of the hardest, and most helpful exercise videos out there. I'm quite the connoisseur too, as I own over 30 work out tapes. What can I say, I'm a sucker. I only do, however, about 4-5 of them on a regular basis. Those last 10 lbs. aren't going to lose themselves!


  1. I agree... the last 5-10lbs are the hardest to lose. I'm stuck with my current weight for the longest time and still wishing to lose that last 5lbs.

  2. OMG I want a cocktail! LOL But I have only burned like 320 calories! I feel you deserve it way more than me! I can't even IMAGINE burning 2800 cals! Holy moly!
    I am glad you mentioned the 30 Day Shred... I have heard good things and have wanted to give it a try maybe in the mornings before work!

  3. I've never seen the show, but I used to listen to Jillian's podcasts all the time. Love her!

  4. I LOVE BIGGEST LOSER!!! its one of the few shows I watch on tv, can't wait.
    I hear ya on eating alot after runs... sometimes I will be eating and eating and then remember, oh yeah I only ran 6 miles. and in my head im thinking like i ran 26.

  5. I am SUCH a shredhead. It's amazing!


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