An Under-Appreciated American Icon

I had a Coconut Dum Dum lollipop today and thought to myself, why don't I have these more often? Inexpensive, tasty and not all that bad for you, I believe Dum Dum Pops are an under-appreciated American icon.
Dum Dum Pops were originated by Akron Candy Company in Bellevue, Ohio, in 1924. Spangler Candy purchased the Dum Dum Pop in 1953 from Akron Candy Company and moved the operation to Bryan, Ohio. So for the last 85 years, these little lollies have been charming children and adults alike as "America's Favorite Giveaway Lollipop™".
I know I usually promote healthy products, but my sweet tooth told me otherwise today. And upon investigating the Spangler Candy Website, I learned some interesting facts about the little guys, such as:
  • Each Dum Dum Pop has less than 26 calories and no fat.

  • It is important to allow treats, such as candy and other snacks, in moderation rather than eliminate them. Children who learn the importance of balanced eating will be better-equipped to manage their own diet as adults. (Can we all agree that mom and dad did us NO FAVORS when they said, "Finish your plate!" I'm still trying to un-learn that habit.)

  • Candy does not contribute a large percentage of the fat and sugar in the American diet. In fact, less than two percent of the fat and ten percent of the sugar in our diets are supplied by candy. Most of the fat actually comes from the high-fat animal products we eat. (Another reason to go meatless, even just on Mondays!) The main sources of sugar in America's diets are sugary beverages, baked goods, and frozen desserts. (Candy Myths from candyusa.org web site)

  • Dum Dum Pops do not contain many of the food allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, soy or wheat gluten. They are all manufactured on dedicated equipment. (And we all know with MY allergies, this is a good thing!)

  • Dum Dum Pops are kosher approved. (Unlike these, which are NOT KOSHER!!!)
In case you need a reminder of the current run of flavors, they are: Banana Split, Blu Raspberry, Bubblegum, Butterscotch, Cherry, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Cream Soda, Grape, Mango, Root Beer, Sour Apple, Strawberry, Strawberry Shortcake, Tangerine and Watermelon!
Also, you can vote here for the new flavors. Possible future flavors include Apple pie, Blueberry, Cranberry, French Toast, Honeydew, Peach, Pumpkin, and Toasted Marshmallow.
I think Pumpkin sounds yummy. But that's because Pumpkin is THE flavor du jour, thanks to good old Starbucks.
I'm off to go get ready for a birthday party! I'm hoping my feet will survive the night! Last night I stood in 5" heels for five hours straight at my company's fashion show. It was a super-duper fun event, and there were lots of celebs, but my poor feet are paying the price today! No run tomorrow, (thank goodness - POOR FEET!) Running Buddy Selena is at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Lucky girl! I think I might get in a few miles (and a few beers!) this weekend though. (Hopefully.)
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Don't worry, I'll be around. Make sure to stop by!


  1. Hmmmmm... interesting info about the lollipops. I have a sweet tooth and can cure my cravings... less calorie/ less fat. Fabulous.

    Enjoy your night out. Have a great weekend.

  2. Rootbeer has always been my favorite ... and since Halloween candy is running rampant right now, a bag of these can't be too hard to find. The problem is, an entire bag in my hands would be gone within mere hours ... 26 calories times 50 .... yeah ... great.

  3. I love the Dum Dum....but 'last night I stood in 5" heels for five hour' - why? Weren't 3 or 4 inch heels good enough?

    Poor feet...

  4. mmm, these sound rather yummy! we don't have them here, never heard of them :(


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