This Is What I Look Like Today

I have done nothing today. Well, that's not entirely true. I did two loads of laundry, and even had the distinct responsibility of washing The Boyfriend's favorite pair of jeans - a responsibility only given to myself and the dry cleaner. I also made a dessert that I found on the blogosphere, and will be featuring it Monday. Oh, and I had a massage, that basically felt like this:Considering I haven't had a sports/deep tissue massage in months, not since I've been running these double-digit distances, I thought it was time. I love my masseuse, but boy does she know how to DIG! Meaning I walked in perfectly normal, and left in pain. The knot in my calf must have been put there by sailors, because I swear to you, that knot could have tethered a ship to a port.
And then I thought of more recipes and a D.I.Y. I'm working on for you all tomorrow. And I went to good ole' Trader Joe's. That's it. Most importantly is the fact that today is Long Run Saturday, and so far, I have done:
I know Running Buddy Selena is out of town, but had she been here, I'm not sure I could have busted out 20+ miles this morning! I have Tweeted about my energy level today more than once, proclaiming it to be about that of a tree stump. Boo.
One huge revelation I made today is that Oreo cookies are vegan. No kidding! It's true. So I immediately went out and bought some of those too. And The Boyfriend is going to help me eat the snack-size pack I bought tonight, so I don't eat all 50,000 calories myself. I guess just because something's vegan, doesn't mean it's good for you!
So while I'm off wondering if it's the lack of running, the late nights or maybe mono that has me so tired, I hope you all have a lovely Saturday night.
The Boyfriend and I are going to stay in and I'm going to watch him make me dinner.

Crying Baby Photo By Jill Greenburg, see more of her work here!


  1. i wanna see the access hollywood clip!!!

  2. Accidentally vegan things are my favorite! Oreos are on the top of that list. Hope you feel better soon, sugahpie!

  3. See... running buddies are where it's at =) They help push ya!

  4. I went to the gallery show of the photographer of the top photo! I have the collection in a book! To get them to cry like that, they didn't do anything awful to the kids, except give them a lollypop and then rip it out of their hands very quickly. It made them sad and they cried.

  5. We all need a little Oreo love once in a while.

    I also have an insanely low energy level... do you take iron supplements? I used to, but never bought a new bottle when I ran out!


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