This Is The After Photo

So. Yesterday I ran 20 miles. I'm sort of over bragging about it, but that might be because last night after I wrote the post on the run, I was limping. Literally. Like an 92 year-old woman in need of both hip and knee replacements.
And at that point, when you look so bad, no one is going to be impressed that you ran 20 miles. They are going to think you are nuts.
So I kept my little mouth shut and I ate half a pan of brownies (don't judge, I burned three million calories yesterday, I deserved it) and then shared a bottle of wine with The Boyfriend.
Then I passed out in my panda slippers on the couch, until The Boyfriend loaded me into a wheelbarrow and wheeled me into my bedroom.
Today I feel okay! With an exclamation mark! My hips and knees are better, my foot still hurts a little, but other than that no complaints! I definitely do not feel like I ran 20 miles yesterday. So that's fantastic news! I might even do this crazy running thing again!
I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. How awesome! I read yesterday's post, but didn't get a chance to comment.

    Now, I will --- YIPEE!!! BRAVO!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

    Seriously, that is great. I know how you're feeling, so I know what you've done.

    Kudos again...

  2. feel better!


  3. That is amazing that you did that.....you definitely deserved the brownies and wine!!

  4. You could've still bragged about the 20... you earned it. So you were doing the marathon shuffle were ya... my roomies LOVE when I'm shuffling around... come to think of it, that's not very nice that they are so amused by my shuffling! LOL! Congrats again girl! So proud of you!!!!!

  5. Glad you feel better today. I'm proud of your deed. You're really amazing!

  6. ah is this you? you look as snug as a bug!!


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