It Must Be Award Season!

Yesterday, my new friend Nicole at Summer is My Favorite, gave me the Kreativ Blogger award! She is new to L.A., and I can't tell you how happy I am to have her here!
And just last week, two of my other favorite ladies, Leah and Jamie, bestowed upon me the same "Lovely Blog Award." Can I just say how thrilled I am to receive these awards? Everyday I work 10 hours, spend two hours in the car round-trip navigating my way around the L.A. freeway system, and then come home super-duper excited to blog, for you all. Please stop thinking I have no social life, because it's not (entirely) true. Of course, it's nice to have somewhere to vent, and an outlet for my little thoughts on life and running, D.I.Y. Projects and recipes too. But basically, I do it to share and provide entertainment. So getting awards gives me the motivation to keep going!
I'm not quite sure if there were rules attached to the Lovely Blog award, but Nicole says I need to list 7 things about myself you might not know. So that's what I'm going to do. Just for fun. Cause you know how much I love sharing.

7 Things Erin Likes / Things You Might Not Know

1. I am in LOVE with Aerosmith's Crazy Music Video. I could watch it over and over, every day of the week. I love Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler too, but this video just sends me to a place I remember fondly, high school. I was a good girl, but still, who didn't dream of escaping their classroom and taking off with a friend for a road-trip in a convertible 5.0 Mustang?
2. I couldn't live with out my Kitrics Digital Nutritional Scale.I love it so much I even wrote one of my first posts about it. Ever since it came in the mail, I have used it everyday, and honestly grow to love it more and more each day. I am a complete freak who writes down everything I eat in my Diet Minder Journal, and this helps me to accurately measure my foods to make sure I am reporting everything correctly. The price on Amazon changes almost everyday, it's $10 less today than it was yesterday. I paid $39. Which, I think, is pretty incredible considering everything it does.
3. I really only use Smith's Rosebud Salve on my lips, except if I'm going out. Then I prefer Nars lipgloss. I've also used this stuff on minor skin irritations. I love the way it smells, the way it feels, and the way it looks. And in a pinch, it removes eye make-up.
4. I'm sort of obsessed with peanut butter right now. I've gone through 2 jars of it in the last two weeks, although I did make peanut butter cookies once, so that took a huge chunk of it. I'm actually eating apple slices dipped in peanut butter right this very second.
5. The Boyfriend and I are going to be Dirk Diggler and Roller Girl from Boogie Nights for Halloween this year. I cannot wait! I get wear roller skates and heart-shaped sunglasses? Two of my favorite things! And Halloween is on a Saturday! Date night and Halloween in one night!?! I didn't really get into Halloween until I lived in West Hollywood, and boy oh boy, do we know how to throw a party on Halloween! Plus, I've been bugging him to be a couples costume with me for years, and this year he agreed, but only because I guess Dirk Diggler isn't as lame as the other costumes I've tried to get him to be. (I'll admit, Ken and Barbie isn't too manly, but it would've been adorable.)
6. Aside from The Boyfriend and myself, I think one of the cutest couples of all time, were Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow when they had matching hair. I remember the exact moment when I heard they broke up. I was at summer camp, waiting in line for lunch with 150 other campers. One of the counselors came running outside and screamed, "Brad and Gweneth broke up!" And a collective gasp was heard among 150 girls. And then, a very astute young girl said, "Brad Pitt's single!" And collective cheering resonated for the rest of the lunch hour.
7. I was in college for 7 years. I earned three degrees during that time, so I have only been in the workforce for 2 1/2 years. I got an undergraduate degree in English Literature from the University of Colorado, and then came out here to L.A. to attend FIDM (the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) where I earned two post-graduate degrees in fashion design, one of which was spent designing an entire collection for tweens (girls age 9-11) which I presented in a fashion show along with 10 other designers in the program.I designed all 10 of those outfits all by myself. I even sewed them and designed the embroidery. The girl holding my hand in the pink dress on my left is named Molly Quinn, and she is on the ABC show Castle that is on Monday at 10pm. She is a very sweet girl, and we still keep in touch. Not to mention, her show is amazing!

Okay, enough about little old me, it's time to nominate some other bloggers, whose blogs I just adore!

I nominate:
All of You!
Go on, take it! You all deserve an award! You pick which one you'd like, but the only catch is, you must be one of my followers to take it. So make sure you follow me, and grab away! Congratulations! And then tell me if you do, and I'll make sure to mention you as one of my nominees in a future post!

Happy Wednesday, friends! We are only two days from Friday.


  1. ahh! Your halloween costumes are going to be amazing!! I hope we find something to do, I'm already begging my bf to dress up with me and he's not a big fan of halloween.

  2. I read your post on the kritics scale yesterday... I was really going over all your old posts actually because I was taking in tips for running outdoors. I'll start my outdoor running program really soon. You are one of my inspirations.

    Cool halloween costume idea for you and the BF.

  3. Oooh I like that nutritional scale. Methinks I will purchase one...

  4. Congrats on the awards!!! You deserve them, lady.

    I LOVE that music video... I just watched "Stealing Beauty" recently and Liv Tyler was so young and cute!

    There's this photo from the National Enquirer burned into my brain of Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt on a motorcycle with matching sunglasses. Times have changed!

  5. I am totally OVER the 100 degree days! COME ON FALL!
    OMG I totally have a peanut butter obsession too! Ugh! I had to stop buying it for awhile. I wasn't even putting it on anything... just eating spoonfuls here and there. Not good on the ol diet!

  6. Congrats! And I'm with you on the PB. I can murder a jar in no time flat.

  7. Cute post! Um I totally love that Aerosmith video too. I use to get so excited when it would come on MTV! PB is the best :) I eat it every day. No shame!

  8. What's awesome is in a few weeks, you get to MEET Alicia Silverstone! which reminds me...I have to get that book out to you! Send me an email with your address in it, lovely!

    Hope you're having a good week!

  9. GREAT post!! Congrats on the fashion show. I am in AWE of people who are creative and I am addicted to Project Runway..

    Thank you for the comment and the reminder about the time and life commitment of MArathon training. My hubby is VERY understanding but I don't think that the next few months I will have the time or erergy to put toward LONG mileage..

  10. Those tweenie outfits look great! My daughters are 9 and 11 and they would just die for those. And who doesn't love roller skates. We don't have Halloween here but I might just start up a costume Friday or something so I can wear roller skates all the time :)


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