Happiness Is...Brand New Lip Gloss

Like many girls, I have no less than about 42,586 lip glosses. They are strewn about my apartment in cubbyholes and corners, in purses and drawers, and laced throughout the bathroom in haphazard patterns, sometimes beckoning my attention, other times looking hopelessly used and dirty. Unless they are M.A.C., I usually throw old lip glosses away around the point of clump-age and no return and forget they ever existed. That's because for every six M.A.C. containers you return to them, you get a free lipstick, so I always save my old M.A.C. make-up.
I love lip gloss so much that I get more excited finding a good one I thought I had lost than I do over finding money in my pocket. In fact, I remember reading this article in the New York Times about a year ago that stated during an economic recession, women spend more money on cosmetics, as lipstick is an easy and inexpensive way to boost your mood. You may be up to your eyeballs in debt, but your lips will look great!
I'm currently slightly obsessed with the idea of a more grown-up lip gloss. Isn't there just something about splurging on something you know you could totally live with out, but would love to have anyway? I'm not going to let something as paltry as an economic landslide stand the way of having a perfectly glazed pout.


  1. I freakin' LOVE lipgloss! I have about a million also. I am addicted to the cheaper Beaity Rush by Victoria's Secret. I have so many others but that is my "drug of choice" LOL

  2. I love the color of the Nars gloss. I can't get away with pink lip color because my skin color do not blend well with pink. :-)

  3. Oh lip gloss, how Ilove thee :)

  4. I too love lipglosses and love all the colors you picked out...

  5. have you tried any yet? i love pink with a little bit of gold- so it looks like dior would be best


  6. Love the Dior Addict! Ran out a while back, and I miss it. I think it's time I try out another shade.



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