DIY Puffy Necklace and MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!

So. Guess. What! I love you all SO much, that I've decided to do my very first giveaway on this blog! I know that with my other D.I.Y. projects, some of you have said you'd love to make them, but don't have the time, resources, creative ability, etc. So I have decided to throw you all a bone, and not only is this a super-cool D.I.Y. for you crafty folks, but you could also win it! Hooray! I'm saving you the work, and you have two chances to win:

1.) Be a follower of this blog, and leave me a comment on this post! (One Entry)
2.) Tweet about this giveaway and include a link to this post! (Two Entries!), BUT you MUST leave TWO separate comments with the link to your Tweet, so I can see it! So that's two chances to win!

However, Only confirmed followers will win! Winners will be chosen by Random.org at 5pm, EST, on 09/30/09. And YOU could be the new owner of my latest D.I.Y., the Multi-Strand Puffy Necklace seen above! (Of course, if you win, I'd love to see how your little fashionista self styles or wears my necklace, but it's up to you to do with it as you please.)

D.I.Y. Multi-Strand Puffy Necklace Tutorial
By, Living and Loving in L.A.

-Various fabric material and trims, including old T-shirts, ribbon (that is at least 1.25 inches wide) and calico fabric
-Sewing Machine or Serger/Overlock Machine ( This is the one I have. I ordered it while I was in school and have had zero problems with it over the last 4 years. Highly recommended.)
-Spaghetti Strap turner (Essential! Find yours here if you don't already have one of these lying around, I just realized that if you're not a fashion designer this may be a new tool, but it's super helpful if you ever want to turn right-side-out sewn spaghetti straps, alternatively, here's a method in which you use a bobby pin, from my friend at Handmade Things)
-8mm End Caps, available at bead stores, although I got mine from MimiMeowMeowLand on Etsy, and she sent them super fast and even included a little freebie, I'll be ordering again from her in the future, for sure!)
-Small Jump Rings, and a Clasp of your choice
-1/4" Round Cotton Cording or Shoelaces, sometimes used to make piping, available at your local fabric or upholstery shop (or shoe store!), or you could buy here.
-Glue (Super STRONG glue that can bond fabric to metal!)
-Beads, if you don't have a sewing machine, you can use beads to hold the fabric around the cord, or else you could use them to decorate the puffy strands of necklace if you want.Step 1:
Cut 1 1/2" Strips of fabric of various lengths. Mine are all between 24-32". I used scissors to cut the knits, and tore the wovens along the grain (similar to what I did to make strips in my D.I.Y.Calico Headband)Step 2:
Assemble the strips in a pile.Step 3:
Fold each strip in half, right sides together, and sew a tube. Make sure the tube is at least 3/8" wide, as you need room for the cording to be threaded though, as well as room for the seam allowance to be turned inside.Step 4:
Assemble your pile of sewn tubes, and locate your prefer method of turning, see here my spaghetti strap turner.Step 5:
If using a spaghetti strap turner, thread the turner through the tube. Attach the hook end of the turner to the end of the tube, and slowly and carefully pull the turner out of the tube, therefore turning the tube right-side-out.Step 6:
Assemble your pile of turned tubes, and locate your cording or shoelaces.Step 7:
Put a safety pin on the end of your cording or shoelace, and thread it through the tube, by scrunching a little bit of the tube at a time onto the safety pin. Pull the cord through the tube entirely, snip the ends with scissors.Step 8:
Locate your end caps, and place a drop of super-strong glue in the end of each one. Wiggle the cut end of the cord-threaded tube into the end cap. Wait as long as the glue says before affixing the rest of the jewelry findings.Step 9:
Finish all of your tubes with end caps. I had 5 total tubes, so I needed 10 end caps.Step 10:
Once the glue has dried, attach the clasp of your choice to the ends of the end caps.Step 11:
You're done! Congratulations on your Multi-Strand Puffy Necklace! Let the complements come rushing in!
P.S. And Her Little Dog Too is also doing a giveaway today for Pirate's Booty! We all need a little "booty" right? Show her some love too!


  1. That is soooo pretty - I love it! I am so art "special". I'll tell you what- I'll make you dinner if you tell me what to wear every day :)

  2. I seriously wish you were closer so I could steal you often for your creativity. Oh, and so we could hang out all the time. :)

  3. I also tweeted, which I never do. http://twitter.com/ElizabethMBond

  4. Cute cute!!! I'm a follower, and I linked you back on my blog...

  5. Hey, I just found your blog and became a follower. This necklace is so neat and different!

  6. Oooohhh! That looks cool. I hope I win!!! :-)

    xo Kiki

  7. It's so colorful and cheery! And i'm already following your blog :)

  8. And I tweeted about it as well, here's the link: http://twitter.com/losangelesdaze (and I had also asked you another question about the Galloway method).

  9. Hi. Thanks for following my blog and all the great comments.

    The necklace is really cute. So different and would look great against a plain White T.

    I had no idea there was a whole meatless monday's movement. I just started doing it to have another focus on my healthy eating.

    Thanks for posting about it!

  10. I'm already a follower. And this is my first entry, I'd love a cute necklace. And so would my little girl!

    Tomorrow I will link this back in a post :)

  11. I'm loving this colorful necklace!! I love

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  13. Hey girl...I found you through LA Daze, and I had no idea you were doing a giveaway, I just saw fashion, LA and decided we simply must be friends. I work in the fashion industry too and live in Weho!

    Newest follower! XO

  14. Hey I found your blog through Elizabeth! Love the necklace and your recipes... I'm new to the vegetarian world so I need all the help I can get!

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  16. Hi! Love the necklace, love the blog, love the blogger! :) RBS

  17. Hi Erin! Can I still join? Just arrived in LA. First thing I did was check on my friends' blog, checked the time and it's almost 5pm. Gosh, hope I'm not late yet. I'm already a follower of your blog. Hugs!


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