DIY Braided Calico Headband

As any girl who has ever had bangs knows, headbands are a must. I rocked the headband and side-or-low ponytail look for every interview I've ever had. There's just something about a head accessory that looks pulled-together, trust me on this one. Over the weekend, I saw calico fat quarters (usually used for quilting) on sale at Jo-Ann's, so I picked up a few to make a new craft-couture version of my classic go-to head wear.
You could also braid longer pieces of calico together for a belt, or shorter ones and make a necklace. Either way, this is a fun way to use up the extra fabric I know every crafty girl has in her closet.D.I.Y. Braided Calico Headband
By, Living and Loving In L.A.

3 Pieces of Calico Fabric, at least 27" long and 7" wide
1 Elastic Hair Tie
Glue Gun
3/4" Grosgrain Ribbon
Masking Tape (Optional)
Ruler (Optional)
Step 1:
Tear the fabric into 1" wide strips by cutting 1" of the way down and ripping the rest with your hands. Calico should rip evenly down along the grain of the fabric. If you're using another type of fabric, you may need to cut the strips, use the ruler if necessary. I used 5 strips of each of the 3 fabrics.
Step 2:
Make 1 pile of the strips, stacking them together. Cut away the sides to form a slight V-shape at the end of the pile.
Step 3:
Fold the strips around the elastic hair tie. Use the hot glue gun to secure the fabric to itself. You don't need to glue inbetween every layer, the glue will soak through a few layers at a time.
Step 4:
Glue the grosgrain ribbon around the ends, hiding the raw edge.
Step 5:
Tape the elastic to a table. Braid the strips.
Step 6:
Measure your head, and stop braiding with enough room to make sure the headband will fit snugly around your head, including the elastic hair tie. Trim the excess fabric, and secure the remaining edge over the other side of the elastic, again covering the raw edge with the grosgrain ribbon.
Step 7:
You're finished! Admire your new accessory!


  1. Can you please make me a pretty headband that is child size (as I have a small head) that also wicks sweat? Cuz I would absolutely love to look this fab running! :)

    I wish I could commission you to make me fashionable! LOL!

  2. You're on a crafting mission.

    I love the pics because they are helpful and agree headbands and ponytails are awesome because my hair so dang thick.

  3. You're amazing... such a creative soul. The headband is just darling. xxx

  4. You are so creative! Great job on this and the necklace a few posts down.

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog so i could find yours... im always impartial to socaliforians :) now if only i wasnt a complete creativity/artsy retard, i might be able to do one of the cute projects on your site!

  6. This is another fun DIY... I haven't even started with the necklace yet, now there's the headband.

  7. Love the headband! I'm not crafty but you should sell these!

  8. Love the color of the braids with your hair color. What color would you suggest for dark brown hair?
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