In case you haven't already heard, in case you've maybe been living under a rock, or in an office building somewhere in middle-America, working triple-shifts trapped under fluorescent lighting with air-conditioning so powerful you wear your parka 323 days per year, in case you were were on vacation for the latter half of August and just got back with tan lines and souvenir T-shirts in tow, in case you had amnesia or were maybe in a coma and just now woke up, or perhaps have been on a bender of epic proportions downing handles of Grey Goose in a Vegas hotel room, or in case you have been running non-stop on a treadmill and been inside a 24-Hour Fitness somewhere hopped up on Hydroxycut, or maybe just in case you haven't heard...
L.A. Is On Fire.
I just thought maybe you should know. Just in case. You haven't already heard.
It's depressing and scary and truthfully I didn't even really want to write about it because what do you say? What do you not say? How do write about such devastation only miles from your home? Two firefighters have died. Hundreds of people are without homes. The fire is the size of Chicago and has flames over 80 feet high. Over 80 feet high! And as of this post, it's only 28% contained.
Here's a time lapsed video of what the fire looked liked the other night:

I just can't get over this! Have you heard what they say about the seasons in L.A.? That there are only three: Fires, Earthquakes, and Mudslides? I guess we know that even though the Pumpkin Spice Latte is now at Starbucks, school has started and September is here, it's not fall, it's fire season.
Driving home last night, Carpool Buddy Rick and I could barely see the sun, there was so much smoke in the air. The sun looked like a ripe nectarine, sultry and low as it dodged the plumes of smoke beneath it. I tried to get a picture, but there was just too much smoke to make out more than just a glimmer of light.
If you or anyone you know is affected by this, my heart absolutely goes out to you. I love my L.A., and I really hope it stops burning soon.

UPDATE: As of now the fire is 38% contained. Still. Here's a map of where the fire is: I live in West Hollywood, which you can see is in the lower left corner of the map, so obviously no where near the fire. The smoke was so thick this morning, visibility was the worst I have ever seen from the freeway, everything is covered in this thick, grey dust. Wishing the firefighters the best of luck today in 90+ degree heat!


  1. OMG...I can't believe it. What part of LA? Sorry to ask because I'm in another continent but I'll be going to LA last week of September.

  2. Hi Leah! I posted a map for you so you can see where the fire is. It's HUGE, isn't it? I hope you're not coming anywhere near the fire on your trip! If your plans include Hollywood or the beach, you'll be fine. Let me know if you need any ideas of stuff to do where you're here!

  3. I knew about the fires and have to admit, I respect your privacy and thought you might not want to tell us where you live, so I was stalking your blog. If you posted, I knew you were okay.

    Please tell me you have a back up plan.

  4. My hubby's family lives in LA too... so sad! I Really hope they get that fire put out soon! We get fires like that up here... CRAZY when it looks so dark outside and the sun is out! Breaks my heart knowing how many people are losing their homes and thinking about all of the ANIMALS =(

  5. There are four seasons in LA -- the fourth is "perfect weather" which makes up for the other three, I guess!

  6. Oh, Wendy! Good Call! Perfect weather is totally the fourth season. You're right. Thanks for reminding me!!!


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