Couture Wrapping Paper

While searching my name on Etsy last night (don't ask) I came across a fellow Erin who just has the most adorable hand-made wrapping paper ever.
If there's one thing I love, it's a well-wrapped present. I've been known to spend almost as much on the wrapping as I do on the present itself. Here's a present I wrapped for The Boyfriend's sister Saturday night:The contents of which were, Top Box: This necklace I made, Bottom Box: Home-made Peanut Butter Cookies.

Erin Ruth is proud to offer eco-friendly paper. All Gift wrap is 60% recycled (30% PCW) and printed with soy-based inks, which I love, being an eco-friendly fashionista myself.

Here are a few of my favorites.Liv Gift Wrap Sheet

Jacqueline Gift Wrap Sheet

Reese Gift Wrap Sheet

All papers are $4.50 and are available on Erin Ruth's Etsy Page!


  1. Those are lovely gift wraps... I love the way you wrapped your gifts for the BF's sister. I also believe that presentation counts a lot. It's always the first impression that lasts.

  2. My husband doesn't like to help me wrap presents because I'm SO picky about everything!

  3. You like to wrap gifts, do a great job and when I get money again and can buy gifts for people I know who to turn to. Although, you living on the West Coast cramps my plan a bit...

    Btw, how are things out in LA? Fires calming down?

  4. LOVE THE BLOG! I am officially following hope u will do the same. :)


  5. HA! I'm horrible horrible horrible at wrapping, in fact, I officially have a reputation as worst wrapper in the family which gets brought up and beat to death each celebration...

  6. You are so crafty... I can't get over it. You need to rub off on me. Your running stamina AND creativity!


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