Come Hell or Highwater...

Look what breaking news my Google News ticker had to share yesterday:All I have to say is, with "brutal L.A. gangs," and "fire season off to a blazing start," THANK GOD THE CITY COUNCIL HAS LIMITED ROOSTERS TO ONE PER HOUSEHOLD.
I swear, sometimes living in L.A. is so entertaining.


  1. WOW... maybe you should move to Nor Cal! LOL We can RUN together!
    thanks for the kind words... I have been thinking alot lately about what it is I actually WANT to do and I need to to from there and figure out what I need to do to get there! =))))

  2. The last news feed made me think... what rooster was that all about? Hahaha! LA can be funny too.

  3. Shoot, you might just have to give up a rooster or two ... Betcha that came after all that stuff with the Hogans ... did you see that show?
    I'm Rachael by the way, I've been creepin your blog lately ... Redhead Running suggested I follow you ... Happy Friday!

  4. Personally, living next door to a family with one rooster and one goose is more than enough.

  5. People think NY is crazy, but look at those headlines!!!

  6. The Rooster thing even made the news here in Australia!


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