BBQ "Chicken" Pizza and Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

I love making new friends. One of the things I probably like least about living in L.A. is that it's so hard to meet nice, normal, even-keeled people here. Thanks to The Boyfriend, I met a great group of guys right away after moving here, but that's not really gonna help a girl with a boyfriend out too much. I've tried to set them up on dates, and even set one of them up twice (Sorry, Matt. I promise in the future not to set you up with anymore girls with either prescription drug addictions or daddy issues, but I can't promise I'll never try to set you up again, because I just adore you and want you to meet someone nice who makes you happy.)
I do have a small tight-knit group of girls here in L.A. that I hold near and dear, but where I'm going with this, is that in the last three months, I have made some very good girl friends through this blog, and to be honest, I'm not sure that was something I was expecting.
Take for example my friend Elizabeth. She's gorgeous, smart, funny and has already made a huge impact on my life by showing that it's easy to go meat and animal product free. Her blog, I Can't Believe It's Not Dead, is adorable. If she lived in L.A., I'm sure we'd be hanging out all the time. I'm not at the "labels" stage of my eating habits yet, I'm exploring a new and healthy way of eating that's good for myself, the planet and the animals. But I honestly don't know if I'll ever call myself a "vegan." I don't trust myself not to screw up every once and a while, and people ask a lot of questions when you tell them you are eating a certain way. I also don't want people to say things like, "Oh, you're one of those now..." like someone did the other day. I also just don't like labels period. And I don't want to be stereotyped. I'm blonde enough already, okay?
On my own, however, I have stopped buying anything animal, and now have things like soy yogurt and almond milk in the fridge, which are both totally delicious and completely acceptable replacements.) But will I eat ice cream again? I'm sure I will. SO don't judge, okay?
I've also been making this transition easier by making large batches of pasta and quinoa salads on Sunday, and separating them into smaller containers for my lunches during the week. I'm a freak who could eat the same thing everyday, so this works out well for me.
I am loving how this whole blog thing can lead you to people you never would have met in real life...similar to the way you have all found your way here! And now that you are, I'm so glad you have stayed long enough to at least read this long-winded post, written by some random girl in a little city called L.A. Like the other day, on the super cute blog Peanut Butter and Jenny, there was a guest post from Averie, of Love Veggies, Yoga, Running. And Chocolate., so now I read her blog! And Averie had a post I read on Saturday where she made her Raw Vegan Apple Crumble, which is what I've made for today's Meatless Monday post. So thank you, Averie, for inspiring my post, and thank you Elizabeth, for inspiring my life in more ways than one.

Barbecue "Chicken" Pizza
Serves: 4

Pre-made Cornmeal Crust, or other pizza crust of your choice
Barbecue Sauce
Crimini mushrooms, sliced
Fake "Chicken" slices
Green Onions
Red Onions
Vegan CheesePre-heat oven to 425 degrees, or whatever temperature your crust calls for. Place crust on a baking sheet. Spread a thin layer of barbecue sauce over the crust. Arrange mushrooms and fake "chicken." Top with chopped cilantro, thinly sliced red onion, and green onions. Top entire pizza with shredded vegan cheese, or regular cheese if you prefer. Follow Your Heart brand mozzarella works well. You can put it in the freezer for a while before shredding to make it easier. Also, try spraying your grater with non-stick spray, and the "cheese" won't stick to it! (This works for a block of regular cheese too!)
Bake the pizza for 15 minutes, (or as long as your crust tells you to). Remove from oven and serve!

Raw Vegan Apple Crumble from Averie, of Love Veggies, Yoga, Running. And Chocolate.
You can find Averie's original post here.
Serves: 2

For Crust:
1/2 C. Dry Oats
1/3 C. Almond Meal
3 Medjool Dates (remove pits!)

For Apples:
1 Large Apple
2 Tbs. Brown Sugar
1 Tbs. Cinnamon (you may want less if you have a smaller apple, mine was little, and I think next time I'll either use a little less cinnamon, or a bigger apple)
2 Tbs. Agave

For Topping:
2 Tbs. Brown Sugar
1/4 C. Dry Oats
2 Tbs. Agave

Extra apple slices and dry oats, for garnishing.To start, blend 1/2 C. dry oats in a blender for the crust. Make sure they become powder-like. Then add, 1/3 C. almond meal, and the 3 pitted medjool dates. Press into the bottom of a container, or as I did, into a parfait glass. Reserve a tablespoon or two of the crust in the blender for the crumb topping.
Next, dice and peel the apple, and mix in a bowl with 2 tbs. brown sugar, and 1 tbs. cinnamon (to taste), and 2 tbs. agave syrup. Top the crust with the apple mixture.
Add 2 tbs. brown sugar, 1/4 C. dry oats and 2 tbs. agave to the remaining crust mixture in the blender. Blend until crumbly, and then sprinkle over apples.
Garnish with more oats and apple slices. Averie said to wait 24-48 hours if possible to eat this, but she said you could eat immediately if you want. I waited a day, and it was delish! I could not believe it wasn't cooked! This tastes just like the apple crisp I used to make with a Paula Deen amount of butter. Thanks for the recipe and advice, Averie!


  1. Erin, Erin, Erin. I <3 you. For real. It always warms my heart to see such nice words, and I want you to know they're completely mutual! You make me want to keep putting up new recipes! Plus, whenever you put up blogs about running, it makes me want to lace my shoes up. You're amazing & I can't wait to try this pizza! Love you! XO

  2. Hi Erin thanks for lettin' me know you tried the crumble and you liked it! That's so awesome!!!!

    For anyone who needs the direct link to the recipe, here's a link

    If you want you can put that into your post that way people can find it easily but no worries girl. I am just so happy you made it!!! Woo hoo for not using Paula Deen amounts of butter too. Another friend made it and was thrilled to use agave and not 2 cups of brown sugar, no joke LOL

    Happy monday hon :)

  3. You are SO right… our blogs open us up to so many new friendships we never would have had the opportunity to make otherwise… not to mention TONS of motivation =)
    MMM I LOVE BBQ chicken pizza!
    I am totally down w/ vegan stuff but I still will eat meat. Although its not as much these days. I find myself going a few days without it and I am fine… but I don't know that I ready for that label just yet. I love jello shooters! LOL Plus COTTAGE CHEESE! =)

  4. I really wish I had more friends in LA. I had them in college, and then they either flew back to their respective home countries, or they got married and disappeared from my life. It's really hard to meet new people here! Especially people with common interests.

    By the way, that pizza looks great!

  5. how have I not found your blog before? it's fabulous! and thanks so much for the shout out -- you are too sweet :)

    adding you to my google reader for sure!

    Thanks again for the comment!

  6. that food looks so yummy!!
    And I love Almond milk!! I can't have regular milk and I found this and prefer it much more!
    Let's hang sooon!

  7. I'm new to your blog but looking forward to reading. I live close to L.A. too!

  8. Thanks for the backlink to my orig post my sweets :) And re-reading your post...how true it is finding friends and how that's sometimes so hard but it's great when we find online friends we connect with. I just moved from San Diego to Phoenix and I lived in SoCal for 5 yrs and sadly, never had meaningful connections. I have more and better friends from my blog than I ever did there. Sad, strange, but true and I'm grateful for bloggie friends :)

  9. HA HA! Hardcore huh? Well I have never run 20 miles! LOL We are even! =)

  10. interesting, i've been veggie for 20 years, so it's always good to find new recipes


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