And The Winner Is...

I have waited all day to announce the winner of my Puffy Multi-Strand Necklace giveaway! The winner, chosen by Random.org at exactly 5pm EST, was comment #5 from LilVeggiePatch! Congratulations, Katie! Her blog inspires me with healthy eats on a daily basis, it's a definite addition to your blogroll, that's for sure! I mean, c'mon! The girl can make her own almond milk! So Katie, e-mail me (livingandlovinginla@gmail.com) the address where you'd like the necklace to be sent, and I'll get it in the mail asap!
But you know me, I totally feel bad that you all couldn't win! Next time I promise to keep the contest up longer, (so sorry, Leah!) and also will try to offer more giveaways from now on. I have some stuff I've been saving from some goodie bags from charity events I've attended recently, so one day soon I will have another giveaway with lots of fun stuff for you. Or maybe another thing I made myself?
Either way, congratulations! And I hope you are all having a great week. It's almost Friday!

Celebration Photo from InMagIne Dot Com.


  1. um, by goodie bags from charity events, do you mean swag? you'd better not tease. sorry I didn't enter your giveaway, I ran outta time too! I promise to do the next one. I did link to it though on my blog for ya, not that anyone follows me really enough to come over here from there, but ya know ... I tried.

  2. I'm all over any giveaway you do! Although, I should just get out my amazing sewing maching and DIM(yself). :)

  3. Congrats Katie.

    It's ok Erin, next time I hope I will win one of your DIYs. I know I will. Hahaha!

  4. Katie won my last contest too! Take that girl to Vegas!!!!!!

  5. Congrats, but sniff, I love presents...


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