You Should See The Other Guy


I dropped an entire bottle of red food coloring ALL OVER MY KITCHEN. Kind of looks like a gruesome murder scene, which is why I totally had to photograph a portion of it and show it to you. I'm not sure I could have gotten those blood-looking splatters any better if I tried. Perhaps I should go into special effects.
Seriously, who does this? Who? Me. That's who. Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm the girl that tries to make things at 9:30pm and doesn't remember to put the top back on the red food coloring before she puts it away.
As I type this, my hands are completely covered in red food coloring, my floor is STILL covered in red food coloring, my foot is covered in red food coloring, and I'm not really sure what I'm going to do about it.
And, I am fresh out of bleach.
I WAS trying to make a recipe for you to post on this very blog, but now that I am out of red food coloring, so I'd say it's about 50/50 whether or not it's going to happen. Maybe this is nature's way of saying, "STOP! Red food coloring is BAD!!!"

Happy Friday!

And if you happen to see a bubbly blonde walking around L.A. with two red hands and one red foot, that's totally me. Try not to laugh.


  1. I did think it was blood....

    Now I'm curious, what were you making?

  2. I actually started the recipe over...so you will see the post later on this weekend! I hope the suspense isn't killing you!!!

  3. Haha!
    I'm coming to LA on tuesday, what's the best beach for sunning yourself at?
    Any other spectacular places you recommend I visit?

    Great blog :)


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