Vintage Seventeen

I couldn't help but pick up this edition of Seventeen I saw lying around the office yesterday. Curiosity got the best of me, and I had to know! Why was Seventeen suddenly so pretty? And then I realized, as I was scanning the cover into to my computer, that Seventeen is celebrating the magazine's 65th birthday! The new September subscriber edition (this is why I'm assuming you haven't seen this, personally I was 17-years-old 10 years ago--and no surprise here--no longer subscribe for personal use) features a replicate souvenir cover (printed on matte pink paper!) of Seventeen's first cover ever -- September 1944. The subhead reads: "Young fashions & beauty, movies & music, ideas & people," pretty much exactly what Seventeen still delivers to its readers now, more than half a century after their launch!
So Happy Birthday, Seventeen! A decade after my 17th year, you are still impressing me with your creativity.


  1. 65 years! Wow. Didn't know they were that old. However, I remember reading it faithfully in high school.

  2. OMG I freakin LOVE the Pumpkin Spice Latte! Another reason I LOVE Fall!!!!
    Oh and GOOD for you on the 4 miles. I can't even RUN 4 miles and on top of that I am NOT going to the gym tonight! LAME!

  3. Wow! That cover is truly amazing:)

  4. LOL Well thank you! I am glad I can bring joy to someones day... even if it is ranting about my lack of motivation, big glasses of wine and everything I stuff my face with! =)
    OMG that pizza was AMAZING!!! You have got to make one. I would say the toppings weren't too bad and I made it a thin crust... and I went LIGHT on the garlic ranch! AHHH we have leftovers too! That just made me smile ! HAHAHAHA

  5. That cover looks amazing, and I think it is fantastic they ran it for the current anniversary issue. Seventeen was a must read of mine from middle school through high school- loved it! Thanks for sharing.


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