Vintage Gumballs

I love these grainy, vintage-looking photos of gumballs. As of now, I'm officially in the market for a vintage gumball machine. I am so in love with these photos, that they inspired me to create this Polyvore set.

Top Two Photos From INmagINe Dot Com.


  1. Love it! My mom was an avid collector of random antiques and we totally had a gumball machine in the living room! LOL! Love the Polyvore

  2. I love old pictures! I am a picture taking freak... but I love the look of OLD stuff! Those are so cool.
    OMG what I would do for some baked brie!
    I had a decent workout last night! You can do it! LOL And thanks for the compliment! I donn't FEEL like motivation! HA HA! One day at a time right??

  3. It's hard to find the vintage gumball machine. I was on mission several years ago and gave up.

  4. Love those pics. My dad used to have a gumball machine in his office. Don't know where it is now!

  5. Wow you are very creative, love the pics.

    Good luck on finding a vintage gumball machine, I'm sure it won't be too hard. There's vintage shops all over la, right? And if all else fails there's always craigslist lol

  6. i wonder if they're still chewy... heh.


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