Pint-Sized Fashion Plate

Have you seen this kid? I can't believe I'm just now discovering how adorable and fashion-forward 8-year-old Arlo Weiner is. Of course, his parents are "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner and architect Linda Brettler, and he lives in L.A., where almost anything goes. So that gives him a nice head-start right from the beginning, but just look at him! How does he do it?
According to the L.A. Times, Arlo is "a budding dandy who still takes his cues from classic films, has a penchant for red and black, mixes patterns with abandon and has been known to wear a tuxedo to school."
I can't get over it! I feel so, so, in the dark!
Men.style.com reports "Arlo Weiner has been creating his own style since the age of three—when he asked his parents for a top hat. Soon he’d moved on to striped bow ties, crushed velvet jackets, madras pants, and ascots (yeah, he knows what an ascot is). In the past five years, Arlo—named after singer Arlo Guthrie, whom he listens to along with Black Sabbath and Bob Dylan—has become one of the sharpest, most original dressers this side of second grade."
This side of the second grade? Are you not dying right along beside me?
I can't wait to see what he comes up with next. In fact, he told Style he "plans to start designing his own clothes as soon as his mom gets a sewing machine, likes to mix and match bright colors and patterns. In fact, he’s up for trying just about anything—except sneakers and jeans. “They’re really not my thing,” he confesses."
For more on Arlo, visit the features on him in the L.A. Times Dot Com and on Men Dot Style Dot Com.
Top Three Photos: L.A. Times Dot Com.
Bottom Four Photos: Men Dot Style Dot Com.


  1. This guy is awesome! Love his outfits. haha. =D

  2. I'd love to know him if he was about 14 years older. :)

  3. Um.... whoa. *blink, blink*



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