More Vacation Photos

As annoying as I was on vacation with my family carrying around my camera the whole time and taking what seemed to them to be pictures of completely random things, I'm glad I didn't let the comments stop me from capturing these moments.

Like the scene on the golf course overlooking Lake Michigan, where we went to dinner for my mom's 50th birthday:
Or the sweltering red sunsets over the marina:
And the blueberry bushes:
Or the pail of berries I picked:
And the peaches that I wanted to eat so badly (but they weren't ripe yet. Bummer):
And the marshmallows we roasted:
To makes these s'mores:
I'm glad I captured it all.


  1. This post makes me home sick! I can't wait to visit the fam in October! Great pics!

  2. Beautiful pictures - the weather and the color of the fruits is just amazing.

  3. I am the freakin' paparazzi! If it weren't for me we wouldn't get some of the great pics we have. Along the way there are some annoying ones too! LOL Thats how you get the good ones!
    Your pics are amazing! I love them! Keep up the good work!

  4. i know exactly what you mean about the photographing. i take hundreds of shots of everything that catches my eye - i would rather have lots to delete than missing that special photo - but it's best not to come home & regret! these are beautiful, the sky is amazing!

  5. beautiful pictures! Glad you did take them!

  6. such gorgeous shots ....and you have to take tons just to get 5 great ones!


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