L.A. Postcard Weekend

I have had such an L.A. weekend. Looking through my pictures just now, I realized my weekend looks like a series of postcards advertising the city. Sometimes, I just can't get enough of this town. It started in Santa Monica on the beach, followed by a tea latte from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and some walking around in Beverly Hills, and ended with lunch at the Nate and Al Delicatessen. Now I'm off to go workout so I can spend my night watching bad television and giving myself a manicure.

{Santa Monica Pier}

{Palm Trees}

{Carnival Rides on the Pier}

{Coffee Bean Double-Vanilla Tea Latte}

{Golden Medallion Tree In Beverly Hills}

{Pink Bougainvilleas In Beverly Hills}

{Nate and Al Menu}


{Lox and Bagel Platter}


Thanks for your comments! Hope you stop by again soon! XO!