I'm Addicted to Lollipops

In the Grandma-sized purse I carry you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll find a vast array of random lollipops floating around in the bottom. I'm not sure why I prefer my candy to be on a stick, but I really, really do. I love lollipops. I recently told you how I spent almost $24 (with shipping) on 6 lollipops. This was only because I had curiously Googled "Couture Candy" one afternoon and came across the Lollyphile website. I am all about supporting small companies, and love lollipops, so what could be better than this? I went ahead and ordered the Mixed Pack of their Classic Flavors. This includes, are you ready for this, Maple-Bacon, Absinthe and Wasabi-Ginger. They look like this:
Unfortunately, I was not really impressed. (Ooops! Sorry! I feel so bad writing a so-so review, really, I do.) But you have to understand that my hopes were really, really high for these particular lollipops. The Lollyphile website lists OVER 40 reviews from popular publications like Elle and New York Magazine. Surely they must be good if Elle likes them! I even told all of my friends that I was getting BACON LOLLIPOPS IN THE MAIL! I bragged to everyone I knew for weeks prior to their arrival!
Now, don't get me wrong, I love nothing more than a big pile of thick-cut apple wood-smoked bacon sopped in Vermont maple syrup every once and a while (accompanied by pancakes or french toast, of course). But this lollipop was not like that. I'm not even sure I can properly describe it, but I'm going to try.
First of all, it was labeled as KOSHER. Now for all of you out there unfamiliar with the Old Testament, let me just inform you that Jews who keep Kosher don't eat pork. So a kosher-bacon anything, is a complete oxymoron. I kindly let Jason, the owner of Lollyphile, know via Twitter, and he and I joked about the value of the misprinted lollipops on Ebay in 50 years. At least he admitted the mistake. It takes a real man to do that.
Secondly, my bacon wasn't evenly dispersed throughout the lollipop, it was all on top, which was kind of gross. I was expecting to get what was in the picture, not a bacon-topped lollipop! And it wasn't all syrupy-brown, either. It was almost jet-black. I wonder how long it takes for maple syrup to turn jet-black?
I have to say that the Absinthe tasted like the real thing, but unfortunately I'm not really of that Let's-get-drunk-and-hallucinate-at-the-same-time-generation. Not really my idea of successful Friday night.
Wasabi-Ginger reminded me of licking the bottom of a sushi plate. It tastes exactly like the combination of wasabi and ginger. So mission accomplished there.
I am however excited to see their new flavor next week. I don't hold a grudge. So Lollyphile, maybe I got a bad batch of Maple-Bacon lollies? Either way, I don't regret my purchase for a minute, and will be counting the minutes until the next "Couture" flavor.

Top Photo From INmagINe Dot Com.
Lollyphile Photo From Lollyphile Dot Com.


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