Happiness Is...Fireflies In A Jar

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, I forget things exist. Once I forgot about worms and it took me a whole two seconds of staring at this cylindrical slithering creature on the ground to realize what it was. Obviously I knew what a worm was, it had just been so long since I'd been face-to-face with one that I forgot about them entirely.
It's easy to get caught up when we are busy thinking too much about our day-to-day activities to remember the little things. Don't worry, I'm not getting totally sappy on you, it's just that today I realized it's been a really long time since I've seen a firefly. We don't have fireflies here in L.A.; at least not that I've ever seen. If they are here, they're out in the Valley somewhere, not here in Hollywood.
I grew up in the Midwest in two places, Mom's House and Dad's House, both in different states, and both were lucky enough to have fireflies in the yard every summer. I used to catch them in a glass jar and put them by my bed and watch them swirl around in magical little circles of light until I fell asleep. Fireflies are not very bright in the figurative sense, as in they're slow and uncoordinated. Easy to catch, even for a kid. They are however bright in the literal sense. A few can light up a room easily with their little tails aglow.
Today I promise to remember something small, so small it is easy to forget. I will be a little more aware. Because even the smallest of things can be so bright, they may just light up your life.


  1. I love fireflies. They always come out on a perfect Summer night.

    I can't imagine living in a place where they didn't exist.

  2. Here in the depths of Orlando you forget about fireflies, but I have so many fond memories of them from back home in the farmlands of Michigan *sigh* The last two long runs I did out in Clermont put me face to face with some and I was awestruck. It's the little things that always mean the most!

    Side note: Tried the Margarita Shot Bloks this morning, only did one because I wasn't a fan of the taste but perhaps it will grow on me. (Not a Margarita fan by nature) but they didn't bother my tummy so thumbs up there. I love that they have the added salt! Good looking out girl, I have two bags to blow through so we'll see if I don't fall in love after all. :)

  3. oh what a beautiful pic. i think the last time i saw a firefly was in greece many years ago. oh i do wish we had them in the uk

  4. Awww good post and a cool memory! =)

  5. I have not seen a firefly in a long time, thanks for reminding me of them.

  6. ive always wanted to see a firefly....hm...someday.


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