FedEx Almost Killed Me, But I Love Them Anyways

Yes...you read that right. Last night, after I dropped off Carpool Buddy Rick, I was almost killed by a FedEx Office truck. We live a good 35 miles away from work, which in L.A. time = FOREVER. So by the time either one of us (depending on whose day it was to drive) has dropped the other off, we are tired and just want to live to see the sight of our own homes. So imagine my surprise when I was minding my own business last night, driving in a relatively straight line, when out in front of me pops a FedEx Office Home Delivery truck. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Being the reasonable, albeit tired, girl that I am, I honked my little horn as I slammed on my brakes to avoid a full-on collision. This forced the guy behind me to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting me. All in all, myself and the guy behind me were both pretty mad. But we were okay. You'll never guess what happened next!
As if I did something wrong. I'll admit to being first-born, type-A and left handed, but I won't admit I did anything wrong. I was almost killed! (I added the italics for emphasis, so I'll also admit to being a bit dramatic, but I wasn't wrong. And if I wasn't dead, Running Buddy Selena would have killed me had I been injured and not able to run with her this Saturday, let alone in the Nike Women's Marathon this October.)
And so guess what I did? I wrote down his license plate, truck number and a brief description of his snarly mean face. And I then got home, and called FedEx to complain.
The girl on the phone was really, really nice. Although she couldn't remember the word "confidential," that's something I can easily forgive. "All of the information you give me is, um, ah, shoot, what's the word..."
And then this morning, I'm working, and my cell phone rings. I just now checked the message. It was from a very nice man at the corporate headquarters of FedEx calling to personally apologize and make sure I was okay.
Does this kind of service even exist today? Corporate executives from FedEx make phone calls? To PEOPLE? To APOLOGIZE?
Yes. Yes they do. And for that, I love them anyways.


  1. Good for you for calling it in! This is how we help regulate quality control!!! Thanks for stopping by my digs and become a follower! Going to creep around your digs now... :)

  2. Good for you! I've never had a problem with Fed-X or UPS, truckers on the highway think they own the road because they are so much bigger and too many times I've been close to being a bug on the road.

    Nice to hear they called you back - great customer service.

  3. What a jerk! You did the right thing... nice of them to get back to you =)
    Thank you for the compliment on my SUSHI! It's trial and error! Those were definately the best looking rolls I have made to date. Next? TEMPURA FRIED =) Stay tuned... someday LOL

  4. Wow! I'm surprised they cared enough to call back.


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