Early Morning Margaritas And A 12-Miler

What a successful day so far! I love my Saturdays. I was up at 5:15am and in Santa Monica on the beach by 6:45am to meet Running Buddy Selena for a hilly 12-miler up in the Palisades. It was such a beautiful morning.
I took these photos of flowers along the run:

Running Buddy Selena HATES Gu, Gels, Bars, anything that classifies itself as an "Energy" substance for running. It's a struggle to get her to eat breakfast before the early hours we run, let alone get her to snack along the way. But this morning, I got her to share a package of these with me:I love Clif Shot Bloks in Margarita. I couldn't believe Running Buddy Selena was eating them! I said, "I'm so proud of you! Look at what a big girl you are eating those!" And she replied, "I'm pretending they're a real margarita!" That statement alone got me through the last few miles.
That, and the fact that this is what we were running next to:

After our run, I needed to swing by the farmer's market to pick up a few things. First, I saw these amazing berries.

They were quite expensive, $13 for the three, but I thought it was worth it. They are incredibly sweet, organic, and I bought them from the family who grew them. That's all worth a few extra bucks.
Next, I needed to get some fresh flowers for my dinner table. I'm having three girlfriends over tonight that I went to high school with, we all just happen to live here in L.A., but I couldn't decide on the flowers I wanted. They were all so pretty.
Here were a few of my options:

I ended up going with the zinnias. I think they look very pretty, and the man who sold them to me told me they were just picked yesterday, so they should last over a week! I love the farmer's market.Tonight I'm making a baked brie (My special recipe! I'll post it for you tomorrow), spiced cocktail nuts and I'm putting out two bowls of mixed olives and pickles. And I'll be serving it all with crackers, fresh fruit and both red and white wine. After we're going to one of my favorite Italian restaurants here in town, I can't wait.


  1. oh what an amazing day. i love those days when you're up early with lots of energy. look like you live in a pretty amazing place!

  2. Loving the pics! I think my fav runs around always when I enjoy the scenery around me.

    I am curious of the margarita shot bloks, you might have just sold me! :)

  3. So let it be known that I went to Track Shack ( my local running store ) and the Margarita bloks were buy one get one free. Can someone say sign??? So I bought them and will test out this week. :)

  4. I could have used a margarita (shot block) last night. Running alone isn't very fun. Is it Saturday yet?

  5. lovely photos... margarita shot bloks? interesting. will get some when i visit LA next month.


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