DIY Contrast-Cuffed Denim Shorts Tutorial

I made these shorts awhile back, and I always get compliments on them whenever I wear them. I figured now would be a good time to re-make them for the sake of sharing a super-cool D.I.Y. project. So with out further ado, I give you, Living and Loving In L.A.'s D.I.Y. Contrast-Cuffed Denim Shorts Tutorial!

D.I.Y. Contrast-Cuffed Denim Shorts
By, Living and Loving In L.A.

1 Pair of Jeans you don't really like anymore
1/2 yard of calico fabric (I used a cute ditsy floral)Supplies:
Scissors, both regular and pinking shears (optional)
Clear Ruler
Ironing Board
Stitch Witchery Fusible Bonding Web

Step 1:
Using the pinking shears (if you have them), cut two 4" wide strips of your fabric, 4" longer than the width of the thigh of your jeans. For Example, if the thigh measurement of your jeans is 21", make the two strips each 25" x 4". The pinking shears will prevent the fabric from fraying in the wash, but they aren't necessary if you don't have any.
Step 2:
Using the regular scissors, cut two 4" wide strips of Stitch Witchery, the same length as your strips of fabric.
Step 3:
Turn your jeans inside out. Decide how long you want the shorts to be. I cut mine at 6" from the center crotch point, and 16" from the outer seam. Your measurements will vary based on the rise of the jeans, style, etc., so just make sure you leave at least 4" for the cuff, and measure straight across from the inside seam. With a 2" cuff, my 6" measurement left me with a 4" inseam. (I know, so much math, huh? That stuff sure does come back to haunt you!) Measure the same on both sides and draw a straight line connecting the two sides. Do the same for the other leg.
Step 4:
Cut along your line. Make sure to cut evenly.
Step 5:
Sandwich the Stitch Witchery in between your shorts and the fabric 1/2" away from the edge of the shorts. I did it this way in case you want to wear them un-cuffed, they still look like regular denim shorts, and will eventually fray along the cut-edge in the wash. If you are 100% sure you will only wear them cuffed, go ahead and place the fabric right at the edge. It's up to you.
The fabric should be right side up, and your shorts should still be inside out. This will ensure that when your shorts are right side out, the cuff will show the right side of the fabric.
Step 6:
Beginning at the inside crotch, work your way around the leg, fusing the fabric to the inside of the shorts.
Using the hottest setting on your iron, place the iron on top of the fabric to melt the Stitch Witchery, bonding the fabric to the inside of your shorts. Do not use steam. It may take 30 seconds or so to melt the Stitch Witchery. Be careful not to burn your fabric, check frequently to make sure nothing is burning!
Step 7:
When you get back around to the inside crotch, cut away the excess fabric. Fold the fabric under 1/2" to create a clean-finished edge. Use the iron to bond the clean-finished edge to the shorts with the Stitch Witchery.
Step 8:
The inside crotch seam should look like this once it's folded under:
Step 9:
Once both sides have been bonded, they should look like this:
Step 10:
Turn your shorts right-side out.
Use your iron again to press the first fold into the shorts. I folded mine up about 1".
Step 11:
Fold the cuff one more time, to get the clean finished look seen here. Press again to ensure a nicely folded cuff.
Step 12:
Wear shorts and let the compliments come rushing in!Enjoy!


  1. VERY cute idea! I will have to try it!
    I LOVE taking back jeans cause they are too big! LOL Doesn't happen often.... although I wouldn't call it success! I feel like a FATTY PATTY TODAY! I think they ran big! HAHA

  2. Cute. Have you ever thought of going full out 70's on a pair of cutoffs? You have to sew patches on the butt. Seriously. That's what we did. The most outrageous of us would use American flag patches, but I actually had an Outward Bound patch:). Could be new all over again.

  3. oh these are so pretty, what a great diy!

  4. amazing idea, love them so much xx

  5. Very cute, nice DIY thanks for sharing



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