Celebrity Sighting at Starbucks

AMY ADAMS! From Julie & Julia! At Starbucks! Ordering a latte! With a big rock on her finger and a gorgeous boy in tow. Lucky girl! And I was super-duper thrilled to see that unlike a lot of Hollywood celebs, she wasn't microscopic-teeny-tiny either! She looked healthy and radiant, even in a simple T-shirt and jeans, hair in a ponytail.
I have been a fan of hers since she was in Enchanted. I just think that's the cutest movie. If you haven't seen it, it's a total feel-good laugh-out-loud silly movie of the fairytale persuasion.
Anyways, just thought I'd share.
Have you seen Julie & Julia? Did you like it?


  1. How cool that you saw a celeb @ STARBUCKS! I would have been all Starstruck!!!!
    Ahhh you are so easy to please. They don't even have to be GOOD pictures ! LOL
    That peach was DELISH!

  2. I wish you took a pic of her. It's great to see celebrities looking normal.

  3. I totally thought about taking a picture of her, and then I thought, "Would I want people taking a picture of ME first thing in the morning with no make-up on?" And the answer was no. But she was lovely and very, very normal looking! And she just has the cutest little button nose...

  4. I loved Julie & Julia - a very lovely movie!

  5. I wouldn't recognize her because I'd never imagine running into a celebrity at my local Starbucks.

    I loved Enchanted and thought she was good in J&J, but her character was annoying.

  6. So I kinda have this obsession with all redheads and Amy is one of my absolute fav's! When my family and I went to see Enchanted last year at Thanksgiving everyone looked at me at the end and said if you were to play a character in a movie it'd be this one. I'm really that over the top excitable! LOL! So cool you had a celeb sighting. The only ones I see here in O-town are Joey Fatone from N'Sync. LOL!

  7. How cool! I saw Julie & Julia last night! After reading the books, I was thrilled with the choice of Amy Adams as Julie. She was great!

    I totally know what you mean about the pictures. I met Kenny Chesney at my gym when he was in town for a concert. Everyone was shocked I didn't ask for his autograph or a picture, but I just didn't feel it was appropriate!


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