Business Meeting

Yesterday I had a lunch meeting that included this:Delicious. Just thought I'd share.
I am no where near ready to be over with the yogurt trend. I love them all. This one, however, was from Yogurtland, where they have self-serve yogurt. Which is AH-MAZING. I also love Pinkberry, however, and would never discriminate against a new breed of yogurt shop. They still seem to be popping up all over L.A., and I couldn't be happier. Typically, I get the Original or plain tart flavor with Fruity Pebbles and whatever fruit looks the best, but this time I stuck with just fruit. I had to run only an hour after I ate this, so I had to be conservative. Hee, hee.
I'm off to bed. Running 14 miles at 6am with Running Buddy Selena tomorrow, who BY-THE-WAY is going to do a guest post for me next week while I take a much needed vacation to my family's cottage on Lake Michigan. She'll be writing on two of her favorite things, Wine & Cheese!
Hooray for the weekend! And don't forget to check back tomorrow and Sunday, there will be more recipes and D.I.Y. projects!

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