Seaside Party Cupcakes

I had the pleasure of attending a co-worker's 50th birthday party the other day. She was just about to embark upon a Hawaiian vacation, and so to celebrate her birthday with a Hawaiian twist, we ordered these cupcakes for her, and I still can't get over them! I love making cupcakes. They are adorable and small for one, and I LOVE tiny, cute, edible things. I gush over those miniature bottles of condiments that accompany room-service orders in hotels, especially the teeny-tiny Tabasco bottles, and I've never met a miniature jam or jelly jar in a Harry & David gift basket I didn't like. But back to the cupcakes. Aren't they just adorable? I kept feeling so inadequate, like the Spiced Carrot Cake Cupcakes I made for The Boyfriend last week just aren't good enough anymore. All feelings of inadequacy aside, the next time I'm in a pinch, I think I might try ordering a dozen of these and passing them off as my own. Which reminds me of the one time I made my Macaroon Cookies for The Boyfriend's Grandmother, and she thought they were so perfect "they just had to be store-bought." What a compliment! The cupcakes are available from Sweetsations, but if you don't live in L.A., maybe you can be inspired and come up with something similar on your own. After all, imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery.


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