Life Is A Bowl Of Cherry Tomatoes

Saturday morning Running Buddy Selena and I ran a glorious 9-miler on the beach. After running four half-marathons together, we are now training for the Nike Women's Marathon this October. A whole 26.2 miles. Usually, we follow our runs with an iced coffee, but this weekend, we went for a beer instead. At 9:30 in the morning. I didn't even like beer until I started running, but at three of the four half-marathons I have run, there was a beer garden at the end of the race (the exception would be my last race in Wine Country, where, you guessed it, there was wine at the finish line) and if there was ever anything to keep me going those last few miles, it was the thought of a cold beer. Well, this Saturday was no exception. It was hot here in L.A. this weekend. Like in the 100's. Okay, maybe not that hot, but it sure felt like it. So we thought, "Let's run for a beer." And we did. We follow through like that. Nine miles later, we were parked at a bar on 3rd Street drinking Bud Light with limes over ice through a straw. (Okay, that's how I drink my beer, Running Buddy Selena is a big-girl and drinks hers straight-up.) After our refreshing libation, we decided not only to make that weekly post-run beer a new tradition, but to head over to the Organic Farmer's Market on 3rd and Arizona to pick up some fresh and healthy fare for the week. Armed with my re-usable shopping bags, I picked up several items, the most inspiring of which, was a pound of mixed cherry tomatoes. I ate most of them on the walk back to the car, but luckily, some survived the trip and ended up in a bowl in my kitchen. Where I will admire them until I polish them off. And I'm sure it won't be long.

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