I Miss You, TGIF

A part of me died on May 23, 1995. It was a Tuesday night, and I will remember it forever. At the time, we were a Neilson Family, and I thought this meant I had all the power in the world concerning which television shows would remain on TV. My responsibilities in being part of a Neilson household included entering my code (003) on the box that sat on top of all of our TV's at the beginning of each show I watched. That was it. This would record the fact that GIRL AGED 13 was watching this or that show. And for my due diligence, they sent us a monthly catalog from which my younger brother and I could each choose one present. We got cameras, painting sets and many other nick-knacks that have long since been lost or given away. Unfortunately, even my infinite powers as a Neilson child could not save one of the greatest shows of all time. Full House left me that Tuesday, and a young 13-year-old me cried herself to sleep that night.

Full House wasn't just a television show, for me the Tanner's were the perfect family. Sure they had lost their mom, but at the time, my Step-dad had just passed away, so I could relate to the loss of a parent. And I loved how no matter what the situation, they always found a solution to their problems, and the music! That heart-warming music!

Full House started as part of TGIF, the Friday night line-up of shows on the ABC network that at times included Perfect Strangers, Mr. Belvedere, Family Matters and Step-By-Step among others. My family lived in the Midwest at the time, so we were on the Central time schedule. Full House started at 7pm. This would ensure that I was in my pajamas and in my Mom's bed (I wasn't allowed to have a TV in my room at that age) and in front of the TV by 7pm prompt. I didn't want to miss a moment of that intro to the show. (You really should watch this.) I would then watch the rest of the TGIF line-up, and try as hard as I could to stay awake long enough to catch Barbara Walters on 20/20.
The rest of the story reads like this. Quite frequently, when someone ticks me off, I loudly exclaim, "How Rude!" And there are still times when I am asked to do something, and I respond, "You got it dude!" So how happy was I to see this T-shirt on the Internet? SO HAPPY.

I miss little Michelle Tanner. And the rest of the family. I can promise you, that tonight when I get home from work and crawl into bed, I am going to wish that they were on TV, at 7pm sharp.
Photo of Michelle Tanner from TV Photo Galleries Dot Com
Photo of Tanner family from Weblogs Dot CLTV Dot Com
Photo of "You Got It Dude T-shirt from 80's Tees Dot Com


  1. aahh! i haven't heard of this but looks like something i would have watched :)

  2. awwww Thanks for giving me this link. I Loved FULL HOUSE!! I felt the same way when the show ended and now I really want all the box sets. I think I may go get them now :)


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