Behold The Answer To My (Diet) Prayers

I have been waiting all my life for a product like this. I may even be a little obsessed with it. Running Buddy Selena heard all about it for the better part of 9-miles on Saturday. My co-workers have heard me whine on a daily basis for the last week when the mail came and it didn't, because I didn't spring for expedited shipping, and instead chose the "Super-Saver" option (it is free) and thus had to wait a whole seven days for it to arrive. Even the mail room at work was alerted that "This is a very important package! When it arrives, head straight here! Do not pass go, do not collect $200! Make a beeline for my office!" Overkill, nope. This is the answer to every doubt my diet ever had.
Kitrics has created this magnificent little device to weigh your food, and based on a database of 999 listed entries (and 99 you can customize on your own) knows exactly what is in that food you have weighed, and lists it for you in a nifty little Nutrition Facts digital display. Just like the one on your packaged foods! Now you can know exactly how many calories were in that handful of nuts you just inhaled. Even better, you can weigh your booze! Just tare the glass you will drink from, and pour away. There are several popular choices. Are you not in love with this? Is this not the best product ever? The box says, "Ideal for Portion Control, Medical Requirements and Type-A Personalities." Okay, Kitrics, I get that you're a little bit sassy. So am I. And definitely, 100% with out a doubt, Type-A. Thanks for pointing that out, but many more thanks, for making me so blissfully happy.
If you would like your own Kitrics Nutrition Label Scale, you can get one here.
Photo from Amazon Dot Com.

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