Useful Tips To Cut Down Trees Safely

If you are planning to cut down trees in your property, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

Wear the safety gear

When it comes to operating chain saws and felling trees, safety is extremely important. You should take everything seriously. Basically, there are a couple of essential safety items that you should wear when cutting down trees. These include:

  • A helmet to keep you safe from falling branches, one of the most common logging injuries
  • Safety glasses to protect against dust
  • A face screen and earmuffs protect your eyes and ears
  • Kevlar chaps to stop a chain when you drop the bar on your leg

Estimate the right felling area

In general, trees are often taller than you expect and can reach further on the ground. When you are estimating on felling a plant, you would use the axe handle technique. Hold a small axe handle at the length of your arm, close one of your eyes, then move toward or back away from the tree till the bottom of the axe stays even with the base and its top stays even with the treetop. The feet should stand where the treetop would lie after falling. Keep in mind that this is just an overall estimate, so you should allow some extra room.

Clear the cutting zone

Even if you are certain which direction the tree will fall, you are still not well prepared to cut it down. Instead, it is essential to cut away all brushes around its trunk and clear 2 escape routes on the sides of the tree where it won’t fall. They should be located around 45 degrees far from each other and in the opposite direction. This will ensure you can have a place to escape when the tree is falling.

Size up

Before cutting down, it is important to study the tree carefully. You should avoid cutting it down when you notice:

  • Dead branches which are attached but broken or are broken off and backed by other branches. You are about to knock a loose branch might make it fall on your body.
  • It is clearly heavily filed with other brands on a single side or leaning in a direction. In these cases, the tree would fall in that direction in spite of your efforts.
  • There are power lines, fences, buildings, or other structures that you care in the felling area. In this case, it is better to call a professional for better handling.

Use wedges for a big tree

If you are going to cut down a plant which has a diameter of more than 45 centimetres, then it is advisable to use a wedge. This small unit will keep your saw from being punched inside the cut when the tree gets leaned back, thus ensuring your safety and preventing the tree from falling on you. You can purchase a wedge in the local shop or do it on your own. Need assistance? Contact!

Central Coast Tourism

Every once in a while, you need to step back from the madness at work and recharge. No one, not even the most dedicated workaholic, can last for very long without a holiday of some sort. So even if it’s a weekend spent at the beach or at a camping ground, every leisurely time spent away from your usual routine helps you feel revitalized and ready to take on new challenges at work. But when you’ve got more than just the weekend off, Central Coast tourism offers more than just your average relaxation. Here are your top five must-sees and must-dos in one of Australia’s most stunning getaways.

See the whales. Whale watching cruises near Broken Bay are highly recommended for every tourist: families, couples, and backpackers. You and your family can watch the gentle giants of the sea in their own natural environment. It’s an experience everyone should have and it’s an excellent way to introduce kids to nature. Do go during peak season so you’ll be able to witness a number of whales on their migration. The first season occurs during the mid-month of June to the first weeks of July; the second season happens on October to early November. The dates can change depending on the location of the whales so cruises that offer whale watching do advise tourists to check in first before making a schedule.

Learn how to surf. The beauty of what Central Coast offers is that you’ll be able to learn something new each time you travel out here – surfing being one of them. Surf schools will provide you with all the necessary gear so you don’t have to get your own board just yet. You can sign up for two-day classes with your kids, your mate, or your spouse and learn to enjoy Australia’s spectacular beaches with a surfboard.

Combine all the things to do on the Central Coast into one ideal location: Woy Woy. Bask in the relaxed seaside charm of Woy Woy and go boating, swimming, fishing, camping, and shopping at a very popular area called the Gnostic Corner. You’ll find unique shops that provide products like organic produce, flowers, healing teas, and organic skincare, eco-friendly and organic clothes and accessories, and services like vegan dining with Internet access, yoga classes, and health and wellbeing counseling.

See the galleries and the gardens. From a working lavender farm in Wyong to the brilliant exhibition spaces and Japanese-style garden of the Gosford Regional Gallery in East Gosford, there are numerous galleries and gardens that you simply must see in Central Coast.

Do get into sporting activities. Central Coast offers a unique mix of exhilarating activities like micro lighting (wherein you’ll soar through the skies in an ultralight, one-to two-seater fixed-wing aircraft), paddling, and sailing. If you’re looking for less exhilaration and more relaxation, you can try playing golf or fishing.

What’s on Central Coast will appeal to any type of tourist. From large families with a range of preferences for holiday activities to couples seeking a romantic getaway, Central Coast offers more than your usual must-sees and must-dos. So take time off from your busy schedule and make plans for a Central Coast holiday today.

There are simply too many great things that you can do on Australia’s Central Coast, vegetarians will find that there’s no problem at all as there are even dining establishments for specialized diets, and with a lot of specialty shops to be found such as the Gnostic corner, the ladies in the family will certainly be happy.